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Funds not showing up in PayPal...again

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Moniek V Member Since: Jul 30, 2015
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Same here! I hope they fix it soon...

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Silvia M Member Since: Jun 29, 2016
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Small updates:

1. I started to chat with upwork supprt, at the moment i'm on hold.

2. I've asked a friend if he had a similar problem. He had problems with money transfer on skrill, but it fixed by itself in the end. This happened today as well.


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Gabor K Member Since: Apr 1, 2015
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Does bank transfer work at least?

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Isabelle Anne A Member Since: May 19, 2014
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@Gabor, I use the international wire transfer option, and although Upwork sent me a payment confirmation email this morning, nothing has appeared in my bank account yet.

It does usually take around a day though...
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Fernando S Member Since: Mar 12, 2015
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Same problem with me.

I contacted the support team and they said it's a known glitch in the system and that the engineers are working on it and asked me to wait for 24-48 hours for the funds to reflect on my. Paypal account.


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Silvia M Member Since: Jun 29, 2016
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I've chated with one of the Upwork Team... he told me my issue is more complex and sent it to the technical support team, and they'll let me know about any more update.

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Gabriela P Member Since: Nov 4, 2010
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I'm in the same situation, too.

I contacted the support team and the person who answered to me, asked me to wait 24 hours and return to them if the problem is still not solved.

They didn't tell me about any known issue with the Payments to Paypal.


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Vesna M Member Since: May 15, 2012
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I got today an email about scheduled transaction. Together with:

"Contact Support if this payment was not authorized."

It wasn't, but I thought it's Upwork's monthly sent payment since I didn't do it by myself.


Money didn't come to PayPal account. And it isn't on Upwork anymore.

Where is it?


Edit: issue sent to technical team. 

Don't correct my grammar!
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Laura-Ann B Member Since: Jun 29, 2016
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I've had this exact same issue, they said it's a general problem and to wait 24 hours before contacting them again. You're not alone!

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Jecris V Member Since: Jun 29, 2016
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I have a same problem , hope it will be fixed immediately Smiley Happy