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Future of freelancing

Hi everyone, 

With the innovation of chat GPT, global downfall of economy and many more innovations in pipeline, there is a possibility that requirement of freelancers will become lower and lower with the passage of time. 

Though, a few will be required to monitor the Ai assisted works. 

In my humble opinion, the future belongs to this, who want to learn real skills, which are not online, all of them. But true skills like even how to stich a broken shoe to a doctor who know at the particular time and space, what are the needs of moment which chat GPT can't do. Or some innovative engineer who can think beyong Ai or even any human being who's imagination is more powerful than Ai.. 

You have to challenge the Ai. It's the only way to survive and thrive in coming years in my opinion.. 

You are welcome to disagree, but with respect please. 

Kind regards :tulip:


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AI work will never replace niche and specific work. If you are doing some work that can be done with a machine maybe you shouldn't be investing time in that.

What a lovely fantasy. Still in its infancy, AI has proven to be more accurate than humans in medical diagnostics.

Hide, the robots are coming. 

Hi Viacheslav,

I just stumbled on this conversation from six months ago. I was wondering if you still hold the same opinion or if your stance has evolved since then? And because text is often a difficult medium through which to convey emotion, I want to be clear that I'm genuinely curious and not seeking to provoke an argument. 

I think, technological advancements are generally  good for mankind. Those affected wouldn't vanish, they will adapt.


For a small example, we shouldn't agree if Photoshop AI is stopped so that Photoshop experts do not lose jobs. Or AI website builder banned so "web developers" can survive.


Yes, there are people like 'background remover', 'face swapper', 'WordPress expert', or 'Wix Expert' who might have more challenges in adapting. There might even come a time when jobs of real experts can be done by AI. In this case, go back to paragraph 1.




If we take your niche for an example, even I (a non writer and non English speaker) can say something like this. Yes ChatGPT affects the niche. It helps other people outside the niche to some extent, just like everyone can now swap faces or create websites. But, there are things that only a real expert person can do (at least for now).

Thank you for your response, Viacheslav. I appreciate your perspective and your insights. 

When I first posed that question of you, I'd have to say I felt profoundly ambivalent about whether writing (my niche, as you point out) offered much of a future post AI.

My opinion of AI has shifted gradually, however, and now tracks closer to yours. I've embraced the tools and can work faster as a result. Actually more than that, leveraging AI has improved my clarity. 


It was hard to pivot -- professionally and emotionally -- but these days I'm cautiously optimistic that human generated words still matter. 

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Humans who know how to use AI software and are experts in AI will replace humans. Just like most military will be replaced by humans who are gamers obsessed with games. They will control the drones. I don't know I could have gotten carried away with that last statement.

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Humans need to know how to use AI

At the start maybe, but they should become easier with time, and it will become more accessible to everyone as well.


I mentioned before that the smarter the AI, the dumber the 'prompt engineers' needed. Just like it's becoming easy so controlling deadly weapons can now be done with a gamer's skill.


Or, I wanted to change my photo here so I can look more like a businessman or something, in-relation to "what seen by clients in our proposal snippets". I'm waiting until some AI headshot geneator becomes accessible (free), and I actually find one a few weeks ago (but still haven't got the mood to use it yet).


Or, now a chatGPT-like text is generated everytime you did a Google search.


Or, you can now generate images for free with Gemini (while OpenAI still wants you to subscribe to a 'plan' for doing it), etc.

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