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General and specialized profiles

Hi there,


I have two profiles on upwork. One of them is Genral Profile that is Graphic Designer and I was working as a graphic designer few years ago. I left the graphic designer niche and now working as a UI/UX designer and I created the special profile for it. My most of the work is related with specialized profile.


Whenever, I view my profile, it is displayed as a Graphic designer by default and then I have to click on UI/UX on the side to view special profile.


I want to delete the General profile or make my specialized profile as default, so my employer can directly see what I am doing.


Please guide me that how I can set the UI/UX profile as default or delete earlier one so I should have only profile.



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as far as I know, you could not change or delete general profile, in fact general profile is the summation of two sepcialized profile portfolios. you change the position of portfolio items and also choose what portfolio displays in each specialized profile.

But you could change your title in general profile and also have new price and new summary in that.


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