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Germany - invoice - VAT

hi all. 

I would like to ask about invoicing my client. I was reading the other posts related to this subject, but I did not found the answer. I work in DE. I have a client from PL. I have regular job + I registered myself as Kleinunternehmen

1) Do I need to provide my tax declaration every 3 months? I have regular job + plus income from upwork. Do I still need to provide tax declaration?

2) According to german law I need to add on invoices the information that I do not charge VAT. I can not do it automatically, because there is no option like this in upwork settings. What shall I do ? I need to add that information for all invoices for last 2 months. I think the currrent version of the invoice is not validated for german tax authority. Can I prepare my own version of the invoice for my client? Or stop generating the automated invoices for upwork and just provide my own invoices?


Thank you