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How to land a project? i have sent multiple proposals relating to my core skill sets, non seem to work. I am a newbie on Upwork, HELP ?

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Great question!

Please review the responses to the other hundreds of posts from fellow freelancers that asked the same question.

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Hi Bhuban,


As a fellow freelancer, I welcome you to Upwork and wish you the best of success here on the platform.


I looked at your profile and it seems you've copied the text from a sample template on a popular job search and resource site. I would recommend that you don't do that, but instead, sit down and write out a good description of the services that you offer based on your own real-world professional experiences. Also, in your description, rather than writing it as you would for a resume, try to target how you will go about solving the client's needs right off the bat.


I would also suggest that you fill your portfolio. You just need to be creative, and I think that anything will look better than nothing at all. I have a little experience as a client here, too, and I can tell you that when a client is looking at freelancers, it's nice to come across a well put together portfolio that may illustrate some past jobs and projects.


Invest a little more time and style your proposal and cover letter to fit the client's particular needs and you'll do just fine. Additionally, here's a great article by a front-end developer that you may find helpful.


Lastly, I'd go ahead and seek out Upwork's verification process (video and government ID) so that your profile can display the badge indicating that your ID has been verified.


Again, I wish you success.


Best regards,


Jody PM


Note: Also, check the spelling of University in your Education section.


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