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So, I've still had no resolution to the mess with my profile. My score hasn't been readjusted in the 6 month feedback, my job number hasn't been corrected in the past 6 month area, and my logged hours for the past 6 months certainly has no resolution. Want to know what support claims? The logged hours (meaning every day you work and log time) will change, either going up or down, even though you're increasing everyday you work. That doesn't seem to matter to them though, they just say it has something to do with existing jobs versus closed jobs. What has that got to do with anything? If you log hours each day and you work, then it should show. Well, ladedah, mine doesn't. My logged hours on my profile just continue to go down. Same with my jobs I accept. I should have about 33 jobs for the last 6 months, but then Odesk has it going up and down all the time, for no reason at all. Their reason? They don't know and can't seem to fix it. My feedback score in the last 6 months was a 4.91 until Odesk claimed the 6 month area goes on jobs still open. In other words, it doesn't matter if your score went up with closed jobs, they adjust based on hours of existing jobs, existing jobs earnings, etc. What is fair about that? So, I had gone up to a 4.91 and they just put me right back to match the All Time feedback area. No fix either. These people seem to either be technically ignorant, or just lack any common sense at all. 😞
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