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Get paid

On July 19, 20, and 21 I worked a total of 19 hrs for a client. I did not received my payment. Under "Timesheet Details" the work is shown, but the Client is listed as "N/A". That is incorrect, of course.


I submitted two emails to Upwork, the first was 3 days ago, the second was 1 day ago. I have not received a reply to either. Both are listed as "Open". It's as if Upwork has disappeared with nothing left but the automation. 


Dramatics aside, I need that money badly and i expected to have it this week. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem? And why can't I get a response to my emails?

Community Guru

On your Reports Overview page, is that money appearing at all? If so, in which column?

No, it doesn't appear at all under Reports Overview. It does appear in Timesheet Details. 


Does anybody have a phone number I can use to contact Upwork? I don't think they are receiving my emails. 

I didn't mean to cut off the thread. Anybody have any suggestions for me? Perhaps a direct Upwork contact phone number?

I flagged your post with a note to the moderators about your issue. The moderators are MUCH more responsive and capable than CS--I'm sure one of them will follow up shortly.

David, if you don't want to wait until tomorrow for a moderator to respond, you can create a ticket using the steps I gave here:

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Hi David, 

I checked your tickets and can see that this was escalated. I followed it up already and someone should get back to you. I apologise for the delay.

~ Avery

Many thanks to all. This forum is an excellent resource and you have been wonderful. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Thanks again.