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Gettin' served.

I just got an unsolicited email from a new freelancing company which, of course, I can't name. I looked it up on scamadvisor and it has a 1 year life expectancy and uses a proxy in the US. It also has numerous grammatical and spelling errors on it's website: in other words, probably a scam and best avoided. Has anyone else recieved this email?


Hint: The clue is in the title!




I think I got one if it's the site that offered to consolidate all your feedback from various freelancer sites onto their platform. 


I  looked at their website but it seemed like you couldn't access much information unless you signed up.


I would want to see the kind of jobs they have before I even think about signing up.

It is indeed that one. It's not neccessarily fake, but it does seem to share a lot of characteristics with TIRED BIDDING?????? It also wants your details first, without offering much in return. I don't know, I'd say it's a scam, but it's much more sohisticated than normal.


I know the one you are speaking of. It claims to be a unique service, however it is not, it works almost exactly like the "Studio" of a very popular code/theme marketplace.


I do not feel like it is a freelancer site at all, it is basically a place to list your services for a set price,and clients pay you up front for those services. They have done a good job working on the site, it lacks a few things which I did point out to them and got a response from their support.


The reason you can not dig into much without signing up, and even after you sign up you can only set up your profile, is the site is in pre beta state. They are just preparing for launch it is not fully launched yet.


Please note I am not endorsing them, I am only trying to help clear up some loophole information for you.

Hmmm, still difficult to know. Difficult even to talk about it without falling foul of the moderators! I wonder how they got people's email addresses?

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