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Getting Hired

I am a relatively new freelancer and I have been trying to get a project for a long time now, I submit alot of proposals but yet no one seems to be respond, what am I doing wrong, can someone help me?

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re: "what am I doing wrong"


Well, for one thing, you need to change your profile photo.

Your account could get suspended for this photo.


I don't know if the photo is posing a problem for the clients whose jobs you are applying to. Might be.


Right now your account is set to private, so we can't see it.

If you want us to look at and critique it, then you'll have to make it public.

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Hello Michael,

The first thing I advise you to do is to read the upwork rediness guide. It will guide you step by step how to set up your profile properly. I am relatively new in upwork as well,  but I did read the guide and watched the video. I got really good tips from wathcing/ reading it, of which I applied to my profile. I believe you should do the same.    



Michael, which of the two people in the photo is you? (Star Trek Discovery has a female character called Michael, so you never know.) 😄

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