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Getting Threatening Messages.

Hello everyone, I hope everything is good.

I got a message from an Upwork Client he said to me he wants to build a channel and he wanted to hire me but I said I don't have equipment for it. He said I can buy you. I didn't believe things until I get my payment but he paid and I got my equipment(I've asked several times why you're not hiring someone who already has this equipment but he said I want someone new instead of an experienced one etc.)

He was writing me every day and updating me we were chatting but suddenly he disagreed. I've said, "I'm ending the contract to organize things (I didn't get an answer from him for 1 month) but whenever you back I'm ready to serve as always".

After a couple of time later he came and he requests a refund he said I don't have internet I want to end if you don't refund I will go to a lawyer etc. I'm trying to talk to him but he is refusing, lying and just wants a refund. To be honest I'm a bit afraid of this problem. What can I do?


Hi Baha Tan,


I'm sorry to hear you're receiving such messages from your client. I can see you were able to submit a support ticket with our team regarding this. Please allow some time for our team to review and they will update you directly via ticket as soon as possible.




Yes, I already submit a ticket to support. Thanks.

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I love my sister. She is great! She is the most honest person I know.


If I'm working on something for my sister, I'm not going to pay for it in advance no matter how much she promises that she'll pay me back. She can pay for it herself and ship it to me.


So if I'm going to be skeptical about MY OWN SISTER... do you think I'm going to trust a stranger on the Internet??


Even if an Upwork client offers to pay me THROUGH UPWORK in advance... I'm still skeptical. Why isn't the client hiring somebody who already has this equipment? What will prevent the client from issueing a chargeback on his credit card, or forcing a refund through Upwork, leaving me without the payment?

re: "After a couple of time later he came and he requests a refund he said I don't have internet I want to end if you don't refund I will go to a lawyer etc."


You don't owe him any refund whatsoever.


I don't need to point out that this client is behaving in an unprofessional, unethical and immoral manner... because you already know that. You live in Turkey. The client does not. I don't think he is going to go to a lawyer. I don't think he can even find a lawyer who will entertain his nonsense.

I was skeptical for sure like I said we talked a lot and I never trust him I thought he is just kidding with me but I continue to talk (maybe it was a fault yes) But then he paid me (which is super weird) and what could I said don't pay me?  

It's hard to believe but it happened he just paid me to buy something for no reason and looks like he trusted me also not just me he also hired some other people for other positions and he also paid for them.  But suddenly (I believe) he goes down because he said I don't have internet any longer probably he can't afford bills anymore but this is not my fault in the end.  He needs to think about these before he starts working right?

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