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Getting all-time total earnings

Is there a way to generate a report (or just a line with the sum) displaying the total earned revenue since registration? I want to shock myself to reality with this. Thank you!


Doesn't look like it, Gabor, though you can do it by entire year (use the totals from the Earnings by Client report).


While we're on reporting, multi-quarter (>1, <4) reports and/or custom date range reports would be nice.




Best and simplest solution is to keep your own spreadsheets.  My accountant almost killed me years ago when I presented her with the eLance one.


All your freelance earnings - along w/ %s paid to freelance platforms and to PayPal are shown along with the gross and net values. 


BTW, PayPal is wonderful with the monthy pdfs of your transactions - an easy validation for all business incoming and outgoing dollars.

I download a year's worth of earnings as a CSV annually, then add off-platform reveneue, for me and my accountant. (OT: To Upwork's credit, the report is clear and easy to work with, unlike the mess on Elance that required a macro developed by one of the freelancers just to render it intelligible.)

Thank you all for the tips. Yes, custom date range reports would be kind of Holy Grail-ish over there.

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I would prefer especially the actual earnings of the present year instead of average earnings of the last 12 months. Nobody needs this amount. Moreover, it is frustrating for me as it is steadily going down now.


While I'm sure the rolling 12 months on the stats page will not change, you can use the earnings by clients reports as a workaround to get the current year's total—alas, one quarter at a time.


I don't know, why the above mentioned would be so hard to implement. (I guess even the required data types are the same in the database.)

Yeah, date-range selectors are pretty ubiquitous for online database access.

So what could be the obstacle by implementing them for real?

Gabor: The impediment is probably being completely overwhelmed with basic functionality issues like keeping the site up. I'm guessing that convenience features to make our lives easier don't rate very high on the priority list given that it seems to be so impossible just to consistently give us the basic ability to log in, apply to jobs, and send messages to clients.

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