Getting frustrated with Upwork...thinking of quitting if it goes this way for long

I started my career as a freelancer with oDesk and had always loved the way it worked.  It was, in a nutshell, pretty simple to use.  However recent integration with Upwork have made things more complicated, and out of understanding of common user.  For example Job Sucess score, which was nice feature with oDesk, and now with Upwork instead of improving it, then had made it so complicated to understand.  Further I think you cannot have common platform / formula to judge contract, which vary in nature and skills.  


I really think that Upwork should restore the old formula of judging job sucess rather than going by its own way.   


I am really too frustrated and thinking of quitting from Upwork if it continues like this.  They should consider users opinion as well before brining any changes.


Recently one of my client also gave feedback that he is frustrated with the way it works.  Attached is screenshot of client's response.


I would like opinions of what other freelancers think about it specially Job Sucess Score.  PLEASE GIVE YOUR OPINIONS SO THAT IT REACHES THE UPWORK MANAGER AND TEAM.


The Upwork team should really think seriously now.



Job success score reviews can be found when you type in the Upwork search bar 'Job success score' or 'JS' or whatever relates to job score. 

there's a laundry list of people who tell Upwork how they feel about it.


Unless I'm missing something, I don't see anything about your client being frustrated. 

It must be working out somewhat, since he hired you here. He also has the ability to rehire you again. 





I came from Elance where I was in three categories offering a single service; business plan writing.  If you were to search for business plan writers for more than two years I was in 3 of the top 5 positions, and for several months I occupied the top 3. 


However, what I never did, or 90% of the time never did was marked jobs complete or asked for feedback. I did not mark the jobs complete simply because I never thought about it. Common sense would say if the project was for $X and I received $X than the job must be complete. 


I did not ask for feedback because quite honestly I thought it to be childish, as if i needed someones approval or validation. Now, I reasd somewhere that Elance or Upwork stated that no feedback was a sign or indication of poor work. In that case they are more than welcomed to look at the conversations I have had with those clients who did not leave feedback and point out where I have been unprofessional.


Then some will mention the private feedback, all I can say about that is if I am not given the opprtunity to defend myself against such feedback then it is entirely unfair.


Now my JSS is quite low 70%, but consider this I did 159 jobs, of those only 89 transferred over to Upwork. Approximately one-third of those 89 projects had no feedback, which i am sure plays a role in the score. So essentially someone who writes 6 or 7 $5 articles will have a higher JSS than me. 


I am not saying I should be at 100%, however (and I know this has been said repeatedly) I certainly do not think I should be pentalized because people left no feedback; ESPECIALLY SINCE FEEDBACK WAS NOT MANDATORY


My other pet peeve was how clients are given the option to pick freelancers with a certain amount of hours. All 159 project I have done have been fixed fee. So when i apply for these jobs it looks as if I never worked because my hours worked will say 0


Now, if and when my JSS reaches or exceeds 90%, then I might say it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.