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Getting invitations but not in my skill set!

Hi expert, I'm almost a newbie freelancer who completed two jobs here with 5-star review but I'm getting invitations not in my skill set like the CMS DEVELOPMENT WordPress, Wix, Or Marketing Automation Tool Clickfunnels.

Even today I got three invitations but not in my skill set.


Please can you help me with what should I do to fix that?


Thanks in advance.

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To Sirajul,


You just decline those invitations as those don’t belong to your skills. 

Thanks, Nazmul


but, is there any way to get the proper invitation in my real skill set?

Hi, I don't think there is a way but please be careful with scammers. If it looks like they didn't even look at your profile or if the pay is too good to be true or if they ask you to contact someone by telegram, it's a scam.

Thanks, Adriana, 

One question is, why tons of scammers are there! It's getting worse to see find jobs feed!!

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