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Getting paid in cryptocurrency

Is there a push for Upwork to pay freelancers in cryptocurrency?

Personally BTC BNB or Doge would suit me and save fees on PayPal etc.

Anyone else feel the same way?
Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Andy,


Everything on Upwork is in US dollars. To learn more about our available payment methods, check out this Help Article. Thank you.

~ Goran

Hi Goran,

I’ve been using this platform before it was Upwork 🙂

Thanks fir the reminder - I’d like to discuss the adoption of other ways to get paid - or where earnings are sent to.



Hi Goran,

I’ve been using this platform before it was Upwork 🙂

Thanks for the reminder - I’d like to discuss the adoption of other ways to get paid - or where earnings are sent to.



Until payments via cryptocurrency become 100% traceable, this won't happen on Upwork. And even then I woudn't hold my breath.

I think it is a demand of time, at least in the future, I wish to get an option (apart from withdrawal) to transfer my upwork balance amount into my wallet of**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Same here would spent over 100k+ for a game over upwork, but now i looking for other websites so upwork loose a lot of costumer like me.

It's not going to happen. Don't waste your time thinking about it.


I agree, and USDtether and USDC are regulated, be nice to see them accepted in escrow.


Can't pay in crypto, can't even change my account avatar icon, it's frustrating and while upwork is our first choice for hiring freelancers we're hiring elsewhere.... 😞

re: "can't even change my account avatar icon"


It is not clear to me why you are saying this.


Clients have the option to not use a profile photo at all.

Clients may also change their account avatar icon and use a company logo or the like.


Did you encounter difficulties while trying to do so?

Would be very nice to have this option.

Hi Annabelle Jane,


The option to pay or get paid in cryptocurrency is not available, but I'll share your interest with the team.

Regarding your issue with changing your profile picture, are you receiving any errors? Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies or using a different browser? Could you please share a screenshot from your end so we can take a look?


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Hi Aleksandar D,

now that Paypal has enabled the â€˜CHECKOUT WITH CRYPTO’ FEATURE FOR MERCHANTS, will you be activating this feature so that all of us having a Paypal account can use this feature? It would be very beneficial and AmaZix, as a company working in the blockchain space since +4 years now, would definitely use it.

See this article for reference:  **Edited for Community Guidelines**

Best regards

Paolo  **Edited for Community Guidelines**
Founding Partner & CFO

Hi Paolo,


I'm afraid that we don't have any news about enabling this feature for Upwork users. I'll most definitely share your feedback with the team.


Thank you,

~ Luiggi

These quick rejections will be looked at as a mistake in the furture.  If I hire someone in xyz undemocratic country to build a $1000 piece of software, and I transfer $1000 to them, the government first takes half of it, and THEN applies taxes to the remaining $500.  


Cryptocurrency fixes that.  


I have hired 15 employes for my Metaverse, and avoided Upwork just because of they do not accept USDT.

USD and USDT has the same value.

If you want to get jobs from crypto project, you MUST accept crypto, otherwise stay in the past and do not complain if your best consultants are leaving. 

And about tracability, I have seens someone saying that until Cryto become tracable it should not be supported by upwork.

That's the most stupid answer ever. Crypto is by definition untracable, that's why it is crypto.

It is like saying, "until cars are flying, I will not drive".

Crypto is not going to adapt to Upwork. Either Upwork adapts, or it will get deprecated.

When you get paid with crypto there is no way anyone can take back your paycheck. If you get paid by paypal there are every possible that people block your money.

Check what is happening to the Russians developers for example? Are they responsible them and their family of a geopolitical mess? 

Crypto has to be supported by Upwork, or another company will do it and then Upwork will follow Skype, Myspace etc...