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Getting paid

Hi there,


I have completed a small job for a client which is now showing in my Active Contracts. There were no milestones set up.


Is there a way I can raise an invoice for this job, or do I just prompt the client to pay through our message stream?


NOTE: I am not suggesting the client is trying to avoid payment, just wondering how best to move the project to a close.





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Hey Mr Mick,

I see you have an hourly contract open. For hourly contracts, you are automatically paid and there is no need to raise an invoice or sth else. You just should use the UW time tracker.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Mick,


If it was the hourly job posted on your profile you will be paid at the next pay cycle which happens once per week.  The only way you wouldn't be paid for an hourly contract is if you did not track it using the time tracker software provided by Upwork.


If this was a fixed price job then the client will have to manually close the job and approve the payment.  In this case, the rule of thumb is never work unless it has been pre-funded.  You can always send them a payment request from your job page.


I hope this helps!


Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Mick,

In addition to Hasmik advise, you can check out this Help Article for more detail explanation on you`re getting paid on fixed price contracts.

For hourly contracts in order to get paid you will need to track the time worked with our team app.

I can advise you to check out this thread where you can find all of the information needed about getting started here.

~ Goran
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