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Ghosted for interview


I received a response to a proposal and was asked to meet at a specific date and time. I messaged the contact about an hour prior to confirm and no response. I was online at eh meeting time, but his availability bubble was gray. We are about 32 hours past the agreed upon time. Is this common on the platform? The company has more then $20k in payments so I'm a little surprised. 



Hi Kim,


I'm sorry to hear that. The client may have been unavailable- could be for personal reasons, or that they have decided to complete their project differently. You are free to continue applying to other jobs that interest you or give your client some more time. I understand that this can be frustrating, but there isn't always a guarantee that clients will not decide to make any sudden changes. It is always up to them to decide on how they like to complete their projects. 


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~ Joanne

One fine day, UW will do more than point you to stale blogs about "being safe on upwork" --

Maybe clients will be rated for their responsiveness, their willingness to leave feedback, be forced to close jobs before opening new ones, be required to share their private feedback ... and other metrics that the freelancer community might use to better judge those who ultimately judge us.  




"We generate revenue from both talent and clients, with a majority of our revenue generated from service fees charged to talent for access to our work marketplace", Upwork 10-K Feb 15 ,2022.


This happens to me frequently - while I have met some respectful clients, overall clients on this site treat freelancers like garbage, as if our time is not valuable.  Upwork needs to seriously do some education for clients so they understand that freelancers are not just blips on a screen: we are human beings whose time is valuable.  


I've only had a couple completely 'ghost', but most that are going to be late or can't make it normally tell me.   If they are very late or no-show with no notice, I just withdraw the proposal with reason "unprofessional conduct" and a note and block them.  If they're rude and unprofessional, I don't want to work with them anyway.  All I can say is this:  If a client treats you poorly during the interview process, it'll be even worse if you work with them.  


Better you found out they're a jerk now then to find out later.  Clients have their 'screening' process, and I have mine: If I don't like how their treating me for any reason (rudeness, unprofessionalism, lateness or other lack of consideration), I drop them like a hot brick and move on. Block them and don't bother with them anymore.

Agreed - I do the same thing.  Clients aren't interviewing US, we are ultimatley interviewing them.  

Especially when there is a LABOR shortage more severe than we've seen in many decades.  I think some clients on here can't break out of the (boss / employee) mindset and still see themselves as the "boss" and  the freelancer as an "employee", which gives them the 'right' to treat 'employees' like trash like most traditional 'bosses' do.  Incorrect: The freelancer is the boss/business owner and the client is a customer at that freelancer's business. A business can refuse service to any customer that behaves inappropriately.  Unprofessional or rude behavior causes me to refuse service.


To complete your profile, you need to have a picture of you (face).


I always give them benefit - something may have occured that precludes their meeting with you.

If they dont communicate and apologize - move on and block them.


I can say that I have never encountered the level of anti-professional flakiness as I have on UW --- this seems esp true where clients' profiles show:

-pays low-fees

-no repeat freelancer engagements - one-and-dones

-refusal to provide freelancer feedback on prior jobs (not interested in relationships)

-failure to use my name in communications

-new to the service

-payment method not verified

-unrealistic job postings

-request for quick turnaround

-promise to hire you in the future, at low rates, if you work now for low rates.

-any descriptions containing the words: "shouldn't take long". 


Avoid these and you'll have higher probability of dealing with professionals on UW - else it can be a complete toilet-bowl of global sludge. 




"This is one man's opinion, but I'm sure yours is better"


Well said, Mark.  It's depressing that 98% of clients I've encountered on the site have had multiple of those red flags.  **Edited for Community Guidelines** Upwork needs to change its strategy to empower quality clients to connect with the quality freelancers who are seeking opportunities to make great work.