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Going Very Slow...

I stopped applying to jobs on Upwork for a while when working to get a long term contract from a different employer. It didn't pan out and now I no longer have my profile's public visibility on Upwork. I applied Monday for a job I was certain I was fit for with all I learned about improving my approach to cover letters and portfolio pieces within the first two hours and it's already closed. 
How do you stay determined when you feel like you aren't making even one step forward? How long did it take before you got your first job and first review right before you just gave up and threw yourself off a bridge? It's really hard to measure realistically when time goes by so much faster than your career is advancing...

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When I started using Upwork, I sent 36 proposals across 3-6 weeks before landing my first job. I had 25+ years of professional experience and a graduate degree in my niche. 


And that was when the Freelancer:Client ratio was much lower, right?

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Hey Brittany, go to your Settings and change from Private to Public before applying for jobs. 


The first job is always the hardest to get because there are no Reviews.


Don't give up and push forward. The first six months is the slowest.


Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Hi William.  I'm new to UW so I'm glad to see your helpful suggestions.  I've seen many times that I must make sure my profile is set to Public and not Private, but I've looked all over and can't find this item in Settings?   Can you be more specific?




I've seen many times that I must make sure my profile is set to Public and not Private, but I've looked all over and can't find this item in Settings?   Can you be more specific?



Thank you, Jonathan!

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Yep, I hear you.  Been putting in a ton of apps and using tons of connects.  I might quit because I don't have school or experience, so everyone passes on me; some people can learn by playing with and watching YT videos.  So I'll give this another month or two. If nothing, I'll drop this and try another way, I love making YT videos but just want it as a side gig, That's why I came here to find the one person that can use my services but I still have my full-time job still.

Your profile summary is at least part of the problem. To me, if feels unprofessional and cavalier - two qualities that I would not want in a worker.



Not saying that you are actually either of those, but that is what I inferred from your summary. Otherwise your profile looks good.

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Just stay focused, It would get better never give up. One thing you should do is track the jobs you applied for to see if the clients hired other freelancers.

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So, a little backstory. I moved across the country after my son-in-law died to help my daughter out with her newborn. For a lot of reasons I won't go into because that would make this post way longer, the option that makes the most sense is that I work from home. Only now, the newborn is a toddler and there are a lot of remote jobs that will not work with a yelling baby in the background.
Annnnyway, I figured ghostwriting on Upwork was the way to go. I started doing it in earnest during the summer and didn't get my first job until September. It's hard to remember that things actually are progressing and I've had plenty of days where I was tempted to just drop the whole thing. All I can impart is give it some time. I'm finding that the jobs are starting to come with every one I complete. It just takes a lot of patience, but don't give up!

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