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Good Morning.

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Baktear Mohammed A Member Since: Feb 14, 2015
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My accounts shows that it is "Temporary Suspened". what can I do naow? Suggest please.

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Baktear, I took a look at your profile.


I'm sorry, and I hope this doesn't sound mean, but you should be grateful that your account is only "temporarily suspended."


I'm kind of surprised oDesk did take a more severe action against your account.

But since your account hasn't been totally deleted and there may be a chance for reinstatement, I'll give you a few suggestions.


First of all, replace your photo. Post a nice photo of yourself in which you're smiling, at least slightly. Or at least one in which you don't look like you're angry at me because my dog got into your backyard and dug up your daffodils. (Actually... your current photo makes you look you just don't like dogs at all, even if they haven't done anything wrong.)


After that, you need to COMPLETELY rewrite your profile text.


But that is NOT what you do next.


What you need to do NEXT is spend a LOT OF TIME looking at other oDesk contractor profiles. Do some searches on oDesk in the categories you are interested in and look at the profiles of successful contractors doing work in those areas.

Then re-write your profile text.

Then re-write your profile text AGAIN, to make it better.

Then have a native English speaker re-write your profile text so that it sounds like natural, native English.


Then take other steps, such as taking oDesk skills tests and posting portfolio pieces. You will need to spend some time creating work demonstrating the skills you want people to hire you to use. Create some FREE projects that demonstrate your skills (not working for a client) and post those projects in your portfolio.


If you are serious about launching a career working on oDesk, I would prefer that you do all these things before you even ask oDesk to review your account again, before you even contact custome support, and definitely before you send out any job applications. First, spend some time studying oDesk, studying the threads and posts in the community forum, studying the profiles and portfoliios of successful oDesk contractors.

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Petronila O Member Since: Feb 6, 2015
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Hi Preston,


First, i really love and admire your contribution to address the problems of many freelancers. Since my problem has not been addressed on the platform, i hope you will provide me with some vital information here.


I have confirmed that my account is not under review, however my name is still missing from the list of applicants. This started two weeks ago.


I have done my very best to customize my overview and only apply for jobs within my expertise.


My last 3 jobs have been given an excellent feed back from clients and my rating is 4.99.


Would you kinldy look at my profile and point out any mistake? Is there any use to keep applying for jobs when my applications are hidden?


I really need your help because i feel like quitting Odesk because it seems that i will never be hired.


My account is 100% okay and i have never violated any of Odesk's polices, what could be the problem?


Preston Please help.


Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I have admired how professional and hard-working you have been in how you have addressed this situation and in how you have worked on your profile.


Unfortunately, I do not have any access to oDesk back-end information, so I can not provide you with a definitive answer.


But based on everything I have read that you wrote, I believe that your account is suffering from a rare technical glitch that is not the same as an account being "on review" (or "on hold"). I believe that the oDesk customer support representative who told you your account is not on review/on hold is telling the truth, but that there is another technical issue plaguing your account.



The system behavior you are describing does not fit into the patterns I have heard about wherein a contractor's job applications are hidden or blocked simply due to not being a close match.


This has happened before to other contractors, and the situation required not customer support reps but more senior oDesk programmers/engineering team members to fix.


Keep in mind that this is all just conjecture on my part.


There is not much that I can do. Your best hope may be that an official oDesk moderator reading this forum takes an interest in this matter and escalates your case to an engineering team member (not customer support), and provides a definitive answer.

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Petronila O Member Since: Feb 6, 2015
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Hi Preston,


Thanks so much for your kind reply and professional response.


Am happy to hear from a seasoned Odesker that at least my account does not have grammatical or presentation problems.


I will try and contact Valeria and see if she can sort out my case.


Kindly, mention my case to her just in case you come across her in any of your discussions. I will truly appreciate.


God bless you Preston.

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "at least my account does not have grammatical or presentation problems"



I can be pretty tough on people sometimes when I think they have been excessively lazy or sloppy when writing their profile overview... But, no, I don't have a problem with your grammar.


You should capitalize the pronoun in "and i specialize".


But I can assure you that this is NOT the reason your job applications are being blocked!


I wish you well, Petronila!

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Petronila,


I have checked with the Team about your account's status and somebody will be reaching out to you soon with more details and further instructions.


I appreciate your patience.

~ Valeria