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Good fit...for who??

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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I just ignore "My Job Feed (all saved searches combined)," My "Recommended" jobs, "My Categories" searches, attempts to find work via the oDesk API, and especially the "Advanced Search." Way too much time spent on questionable job search features; way too few meaningful results. Invitations? That's a whole other topic. oDesk Freelancer — oDesk Client 100% RECOMMENDED — oDesk 5.0 RATING — 2,800 PLUS HOURS — oDesk Money-back Guarantee...doesn't make any difference.... "Will work for food!" LOL....
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Vesna M Member Since: May 15, 2012
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Finally I see Good fit.


First job, client asks specific location: North America.


Guess what mad robot - I'm not from North America. Woman Mad

Don't correct my grammar!