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Goodbye For Good?

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AHM Mahmudur R Member Since: Jan 14, 2014
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1000% sure, sooner or later many upworkers are gonna leave this platform! I guess, there has some BIG problems in its algorithm that’s causing the freelancers to be totally jobless and most of them are top rated! Its not because these freelancers did a mistake but because the **edited for Community Guidelines** upwork business development team drew the method wrong or their coders did some big mistakes that’s killing the freelancers now!

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Irene B Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Well, it is a free community, and a freelancer, who is an independent contractor, is free, in essence, to make decisions that work the best for him/her.


If that means leaving a certain platform and working on another, or even seeking out a different avenue, it is their individual choice. 


Upwork is not a place that supplies jobs. It is a platform, with its own rules and challenges, that provides a venue where clients can post work they need done, and contractors, i.e. the freelancers, to bid on those jobs. They do not guarantee anyone that they WILL be successful in securing employment. They provide the service of "the inbetween guy". Beyond that, and the terms they have stipulated in the myriad of different documents posted, they have no further obligations. 


They have problems and challenges, yes, but by no means are they obliged to make changes to suit people. When one signs up here, you agree to their terms, and have to abide by them, even if you think they are unfair.


You may question them, yes, and even make suggestions, but in no way are they bound to implement them.

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Charlie E Member Since: Aug 2, 2015
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@Irene B,


Respectfully, your response rather than addressing the OP's concerns, merely stated some obvious facts before shooting off in a tangent.


OP has an extremely valid point. I joined Elance 2 months before the forced migration was announced. I earned almost $4k in my first 3 months with minimal effort. 


After 2 months on Upwork my earnings are $0. The simple fact is that the premium clients are not migrating over. This is evidenced by Elance's decision to allow clients to post jobs indefinitely. 


This phenomenon is not unique to my own situation. I am a CPA. The two CPA's ranked higher than me on Elance had combined 12 month earnings of over $150,000. 


Neither of them has landed a single job on Upwork either. 


The fact is that a tremendous amout of money has been lost by many people as a result of an unecessary business decision that has essentially killed two successful platforms. 


You are correct in stating that Upwork has no obligation to provide freelancers with employement. The OP did not state this, nor did he imply it. 


Upwork does however have an obligation to the clients who are paying the fees which keep the servers running. IMO, they have not upheld their part of the arrangement, i.e. providing a stable platform.



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Irene B Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Hi Charlie,


In no way did I disagree with what the OP has said, and if I stated the obvious, it is because sometimes it is what is forgotten.


I 100% agree with the OP about the algorithm, and I have been EXTREMELY vocal about it in many, many posts pertaining to the matter, so much so, in fact, that at one time I was privately cautioned by another frequent poster and was actually worried that my opposition to it would get me banned. The algorithm not only works out JSS, but even recommends freelancers to clients, and selects best matches....and it gets more and more complicated, as has been discussed in many threads on the matter.


Having said that, I also get what you are saying with regards to the scarcity of decent paying jobs. Yes, it is a matter of concern, and has also been highlighted.


However, the title of the thread is 'Goodbye for Good' and my statement serves to pin down Upwork's seemingly general stance on the matter. In no way do I insinuate I am in agreement with it (meaning Upwork's seeming take on the matter). I just stated things as they are. Having said that, I do not think, personally, that anything would (could?) be done from their side to change the situation.