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Google Hangouts

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I was asked to "interview" for what appears to be an excellent opportunity.


I spent an hour replying to the client providing the information that was requested (no personal information).


I received an INSTANT (the same minute) reply to my long email.  It was written by someone who appeared not to speak English very well.  It requested I do a Google Hangouts interview "asap".  I was given the interviewer's name and the company name.


Since the whole thing was looking questionable, I called the company and searched the names directory for the "interviewer".  He's not employed by this company.


I flagged the job as inappropriate.  Is there anything else I should do?  There does not appear to be any way to contact Upwork support.


Note: I'm pretty new to Upwork and this is the second time I've been scammed in the last 10 days.  Each time I've taken 1 to 2 hours to respond to the request - a lot of time to be scammed.  I even completed the first assignment and then never heard back from the person and didn't get paid.  Is Upwork legit?

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Hello Kelley,


If you see any job post that seems like a scam, you can visit Upwork Help center and then click on Get Help to communicate your issue to the support. Donot forget to share the Job post URL whilst filling out the information, this way the Upwork support will be able to track down the client easily.


Always keep your communications on Upwork.

Getting scammed! This happens a lot with new freelancers because they don't read articles on how to get started on Upwork and they usually end up unpaid or scammed. And these scammers usually target new freelancers like you. 

Thus, I suggest you read more and more articles on Upwork Help Center. I find Upwork to be a safe and healthy platform.



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