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Google slides

I have been tasked with designing a Google slide presentation. Is it okay to send the link to the client after the contract has been signed?

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You should not work on the project unless there is a formal offer from Cline and you've accepted it. 


After the contract is in place: 

If the project is hourly, please make sure client's payment method is verified. You can share the link while working.


If it is a fixed fee contract, split it into multiple milestones, at least two. And before starting to work ensure the milestone is funded and activated. Here is an example: If the total number of slides needed by clinet are 10 for $20 dollar per slide. And if the client funds $100 dollar you should work only on 5 slides and you can share the link, because only after reviewing the work the client will release the payment. 



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And yes you can send links, your contact details, chat outside of Upwork, if you already have a contract in place. 

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I am unsure, as Upwork may have altered this Condition in 2020. However, let's wait for a response from an admin for confirmation.

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