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Got Scammed by**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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These clients are blocked by upwork as soon as they are flagged as a scam. 

Can you reverse your payment transaction? That is the only way to get your money back, the scammers are not going to return it to you voluntarily. 

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Aren't you here to work? Why in the world would you pay money to someone else? You are here to earn money, right? Or did I misread something?


Secondly, unless I'm mistaken, you said you exchanged details with them "on telegram." I don't understand what that means, but it sounds like you communicated with a client outside of Upwork's systems prior to having a contract in place.


This one rule -- never go outside of Upwork to communicate with a client before a contract is in place -- is the golden rule around here. Upwork has protections set in place. Furthermore, with a quick call to the Upwork support people, you might have avoided this by asking the simple question: "Is it smart to send money to a client in this situation?"


I'm sorry you got scammed ... hope you proceed more cautiously going forward.


Hi Srinithyee,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I checked your account and found that the job post has been removed already and that actions have been taken against the client's account.


If a client asks you to contact them outside Upwork or if you encounter any suspicious user activity, please send us a flag and we'll take appropriate actions based on our internal processes. Please be reminded as well that it is against our Terms of Service to communicate outside Upwork prior to a contract starting.

You may want to check out this thread from our Community member, Wes, about top red flags for scams.

~ AJ
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As Martina said, your best bet is to reverse or do chargeback on the credit card you paid.   Recite this 10 times every day. You will never pay to get work.  You will never talk to anyone outside of upwork channel.


You claim to be working for Walmart with a BS in computer engineering and you are looking at entry level data entry job at $50/hr.  What is wrong with this picture?

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Hi Srinithyee,

How come you paid $80 to the client, why would you do that?
If you are selling your services, it is them who should pay you, not the other way around.


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i got hired by Appen for a project and when I submitted they ask me to pay 150$ to link their payment machine with my Paypal and after they ask me to pay 300$ for the membership Card . And they say I can't receive my payment until I paid for this.

i am pretty sure I got scammed 

Yes, you were scammed. You need to read and follow the Terms of Service and this from Wes

When ever the client wants you to go outside of Upwork before a contract is in place, it is a scam.


You will never receive a payment. The scam was to get money from you.

Thank you for your reply .

After you understand how the platform works and how to protect yourself, consider what you want to do next.


If you want to be a freelancer, you need to start with your profile and make it look professional. There are numerous articles, videos, and other help on how to establish yourself on Upwork. I'm not in translation, but others can tell you how crowded the field is at the moment. Likely flooded, as the rest of the categories are these days. You need a portfolio. If you are skilled, your introduction does not show it. Then you toss in proofreading? That reads like an afterthought, not a skill.


I understand you are being polite, but it doesn't read well to a client when you are asking to be given a chance; it makes you sound desperate.


If you don't take freelancing seriously as a business, you stand little chance of making any money and a high risk of being scammed again. Knowledge is power. Don't let yourself be a victim again.

Thank you for your feedback, I am still a student, so I just want to start freelancing as a side income. I will follow your instructions .

I have a question how I can know if the client is a scammer or not? before starting the project, because I don't want to waste time to get scammed after submission.

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Basic rule for translators: translate only into your native language. Translating from and into 3 languages is simply not feasible, especially if you are still a student. 


Regarding scammers - you can try to avoid them by choosing clients with a good track record on Upwork.

"I have a question how I can know if the client is a scammer or not? before starting the project, because I don't want to waste time to get scammed after submission."


Follow Upwork's rules and read the post I sent you from Wes.

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Please read the TOS

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Do a chargeback for your card and consider all of this a hard lesson. If you can't get your money back, consider it a much harder lesson. You don't pay employers; they pay you, the same as in the "real" world. 


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