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Got ripped off and Upwork appears to be doing nothing about it!!

So I joined Upwork and applied for a job advertised by a client who was verified and to all intents and purposes appeared to be legit.

I got the job, which was to rewrite 12 sample articles from an influencer in his niche, which in turn would be published upon his new website.


I invested over 16 hours at the agreed rate of $30 per hour, equating to $485 (before Upwork & VAT deductions).


I was delighted. A great start to my Upwork career, this is way better than Freelancer, I thought. 


Then, my account was under investigation and for almost 2 weeks I had a little red warning message at the top of my dashboard letting me know there were financial restrictions on my account.


Some emails went back and forth where I was told very little and asked to provide evidence of the job and my conversation with the client. I sent them screenshots of everything from the proposal to my original docs to the conversation with the client.


A couple of days ago, my account was restored and I received an email from Upwork that basically said "we've fixed the problem, run along now and apply for more jobs"


Eh....and what about the 400-ish bucks??


According to my payment overview, there's nothing pending.

In my timelogs, the job is listed as "reversed". All $485 is recorded as a "reversed invoice" now and Upwork haven't told me what the problem was or why I'm not being paid.


Best of all, the client has all my articles published on his shiny new website. I've found them all. I must say it looks great. 


So what now? Do I just continue getting jobs and working for free? Is this how Upwork operates??




Did you do manual time, or did you use the Upwork app to keep a record? 


On manual time, unfortunately, Upwork can't/doesn't offer any kind of payment protection. Keep after them (Upwork) through chat until they give you permission to go to the client for payment directly. If the client fails to pay, they do NOT own your articles, and you can send them a take-down notice and submit the articles elsewhere. 

I worked hourly and used the work diary the entire time, it's all fully tracked.


Just been chatting to a guy on the live chat and finally got some news. Apparently the client had violated some payment method and because of this he was booted from Upwork and my payment wasn't processed.


Considering this guy had a history of paying clients before and wasn't actually trying to scam me, it would have been smart and somewhat logical to allow his payment to go through to me first, before they dealt with him. That way the freelancer would have been protected and they could still reprimand any rule-breakers after without the freelancer (i.e. me) getting screwed over. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi CJ,


Sorry to hear the payment had to be reversed. Unfortunately, we won't be able to share any further details about the status of the client's account. Please, refer to the information our representatives provided in support tickets.

~ Valeria

I understand another client's account/payment details can't be shared but perhaps you can just confirm what this means in terms of Upwork policy.



I've managed to reach out to the client and he has been very apologetic for his part in the mess. As things stand, he maintains he made a payment to Upwork, therefore fulfilling his obligation on that side of things.


 Does "reversed invoice" mean that Upwork made a full refund to the client's account?




Yes, the payment is being refunded to the client's account and the client is notified about it. We also have the team review this case once again and they will follow up with you directly with more information.

~ Valeria