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Got scammed and "bad feedback" from the scammer. oDesk won't remove it. Seriously?

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Gillian Michele N Member Since: Mar 15, 2012
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That's bad, Nick. Odesk really should look at things on a case by case basis and look closely at the conversations you had with the client throughout the duration of the project. Obviously back then we didn't have a way to directly respond to the client's feedback. This would have been a good way for you to share your side of the story. Luckily, you have a lot of positive feedback and clients love you, so that outweighs everything. But I understand the feeling when someone basically lies about you and basically openly scammed you.
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Abu M Member Since: Jul 5, 2012
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Absolutely not. One of my client hired me twice. At the first the feedback he gave me *5 but at the 2nd time he gave me *1. The jobs were last 2+4=6 months. The company was Indian and the took job from USA, Australia (via oDesk)and complete the job with a lower rate from freelancers (via oDesk)like us who do not know about the 'Middle man'. Now I am experienced about it and careful to chose at the right clients. The job was hourly and sometimes they used me as their employee(not freelancer) to their clients. A lot of time I have to take part in their meeting with the clients through their skype conversation. I discussed the technical issues with their clients(My client's client). That was ok, but that was not Ok when I did not get paid for that spending time. I want to increase my hourly rate(very slitely $0.3, after 6 months, ) but they do not agree with me. At last, One day I could not reply their message for 1 week and they pauses my contract. But they show another reason that my work diaries mouse click and keywords struck were not sufficient. I explained to them but they did not believe me and left me with a very negative feedback with the comment "He does not know seo. Do not wast your money" and *1. I got frustrated at this first time in oDesk because the 4000 hours odesk working experience with all *5 feedback. And oDesk also mailed me that I am 1% odesker. Some clients use this feedback as arms and ammunition. And the very funny thing is that in the case between freelancer and clients, the Client is the 'Attorney' of that freelancer.