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Got scammed need help

The client contacted me and said he wants PUBG ucs for his boss’s son and He sent me offer we made a contract. I have charged him for 10 minutes as services and he added the amount as a bonus and ended the contract. I have provided him PUBG ucs of $1100. I have done the payment for PUBG ucs. And now the bonus he sent is showing in my pending section and now my friend told me this is a scam and the payment he did will automatically be reversed as it is a bonus payment and it will be reversed due to invalid payment method. I have also visited Upwork community page and have found several scam cases like this one. I have done the amounts for his PUBG ucs and I need help now.
Please contact me back as soon as possible.

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Muhammad Z:
I'm not sure what else to tell you.

You already know that you got scammed.

You already know that you made a mistake by violating Upwork rules prohibiting exchange of funds outside of the Upwork platform.

I suppose their might be ways to rationalize this and say that you didn't break any Upwork rules. But it doesn't matter now, because you lost the money whether or not any Upwork rules were broken.


If a freelancer is going to get involved with PUBG ucs as part of an Upwork job, he should be a real expert and know enough about PUBG ucs that nobody can scam him. You dived into this without actually having that expertise.


I'm very sorry that you lost a lot of money by participating in this.

But there is nothing that Upwork can do to help you now.

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Muhammad Z wrote:

now my friend told me this is a scam 

Of course it is a scam. What else could it possibly be?

Did you, for one minute, wonder why that person would buy PUBG ucs on Upwork at a FAR higher price rather than just buy it in the app store?

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$1100 lesson. the lesson is pretty expensive.

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You have wasted $1100. You will not get your money back. You also violated Upwork's TOS. You have also ruined your Upwork profile by accepting a $750/hour contract. Your hourly rate is $15?? $750 is 50 times that... Why do you think someone will pay you that??

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