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Growing beyond 10k - Asking for advice

Hi, I've been using Upwork since December 2020. I've made 12k (soon to be 14k). 


In the past 4 months, I've seen a good amount of growth. However, I think I might do better.

I've optimized my profile, created portfolio items and some projects in the project catalog. I get some invites from time to time but most of them are not a good fit ($70 jobs, etc).


I make around 1.5k/month. And my objective is to make 4-5k/month (avg) in the next year 2022 so I can have more financial stability.


For people who have grown their profile, do you think my goals are realistic?

Can you give advice on something I might be missing?

2-3 things to focus on so I can grow my Upwork account?


Thank you for your generosity :D 

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I think there is no magic trick. Your profile looks good, with the one exception your hourly rate. You should not work for 20 when your rate says 50, that looks disingenous. Your hourly rate is not a wish list, it is what you charge when working hourly. Increasing it by more than double does not look good. 

I don't work hourly anymore, if you see all the other projects, they're fixed-price. My hourly rate wasn't $50 when I took the $20 job. 

Yeah sure, there's no magic trick. But for example, here's what I learnt (things that weren't obvious to me):

- Long term relationships provide most of the revenue. So I began working on upselling clients once the project is done.


So I thought maybe, just maybe, there's something I'm missing (not obvious to me but obvious to more experienced ones)

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I agree with Martina's suggestions, it would be better if you raise your rate gradually, by adding a few dollars to the rate of the hourly contracts visible on your profile.

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It may pay to remember the following:

  • If you seek to compete on price, you will find yourself working more for less money over the long run.
  • Competing on price precludes you from successful selection.  Differentiation and the ability to solve the customer's problem is more important than the price in many circumstances.
  • Create solutions that offer "magic dust" - benefits the customer doesn't ask for but realizes at the end of the deal.  They post good feedback on you and that may affect the decisions others make about potentially hiring you.

I had my first anniversary on September 11th.  I didn't quite hit $50K in billables on Upwork.  I am gravely disappointed, but can only blame myself.  The first six months I didn't pay much attention to the platform as I didn't realize the benefits I thought I would receive.  Once I understood how the game rules worked, it changed but the Upwork platform and business model is constantly changing, so you need to be flexible and creative.


Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

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Well whatever you did seem to work, you've definitely increased your sales judging by your profile.... any recommendations? 

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