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Re: HELP! How to cancel a job without having client from hell to rate the work?

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Aleksandra S Member Since: Nov 15, 2019
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I have a situation with a client. the job was to create an email template, which I did and he is satisfied. But, after 2 days (which he answers only at 9 PM and goes away in 30 minutes) he told me that I need to upload the images on his server which I don't have access to it. I explained it to him. Then, he wanted me to give him paths of the images, which I did..then he was angry and I think he would strangle me if he could.
He admitted that he doesn't understand English very well and he uses a translator.

I want to get rid of this client as I know for sure he will give me a bad rate. I have a 5.0 rate and this will ruin my ratings. I have just started using Upwork and had several jobs and all clients were happy with my work.

Please help me. How can I cancel the job so he doesn't leave me review?

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Robin H Member Since: May 28, 2019
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It's not a problem if he doesn't respond as long as you are being paid for your work.  It is a problem that he is threatening you.  


FLAG the Upwork conversation.  


Assuming you have been paid, I would end the contract.  That will send off the alarms for him.  He may request a refund (don't give it) but it sounds like you've done everything he asked.  


Yes he will probably give you a bad rating.  As many top rated freelancers will tell you (me included), one bad rating won't hurt you forever.  You may have to apply for smaller, lower paying jobs to get it back up.  But I don't see another alternative with this creep.  


Good luck!



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Aleksandra S Member Since: Nov 15, 2019
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Thank you for your reply, Robin.
I am working as a freelancer for almost 10 years (I'm new to Upwork), and I have never worked with anyone like this client is. It's frustrating and I can't wait to finish this job. He still has to approve the work, but he only replies after 9 PM (GMT+2) .

I guess I will have to face his bad review and start to build my profile score.

Thank you once more!