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HELP! My Recent Applications are Not Showing

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Rico E Member Since: Aug 15, 2010
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Last night, I submitted an application to a job post. I had 20 quotas before I did and two open applications before I applied. After the usual "your application was submitted", I went back to my job feed. I was really surprised to see that my open application was still two and my quota was reduced to 19. I again applied this morning and the same thing happened. The quota is down to 18, my open application is still two! Now I'm not even sure if clients are receiving my applications. Has anyone experienced the same? I already submitted a ticket, but I'm really getting worried coz it looks like I'll be out of work with this system glitch! UPDATE: This has been fixed by oDesk support in less than an hour. Kudos to the team! I'm still waiting, though, for an explanation why and how it happened.