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HELP! Searching for job, applied for 20 jobs but haven't got a single response!

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I'm a rails developer. I'm not getting any jobs. Can somebody have a look at my profile and let me know if something is wrong with it? I'm good at rails, I've done projects before(not on odesk but), still no responses from any of the clients. I'm bidding on all hourly jobs, is there something wrong with that? Can anybody also tell me how to get associated with a company that can give jobs in odesk? Thanks, Tarun

Just dump the domestic engineer stuff. Especially the title. Are you looking to be hired as someone's wife? (I think that's polygamy, by the way).


Dump all the personal stuff. Dump anything that doesn't apply to the work you are looking for on oDesk.


And put in specifics about what you can do on oDesk - there is nothing in your  profile that states this. How did you do scheduling and data input? Do you have any high-end documents you have created that you can post? Have you seen jobs looking for certain things? Why not do the job even if you aren't hired and post it to your portfolio. Be sure to indicate that it is spec work or sample work (don't do anything that makes it look like you are lying about the work and that it is from a real project).


And once you have figured this out and established your capabilities, you need to raise your rate, no matter what you are offering. No one from the US should post a rate like that. You look like you have absolutely no confidence in your work and the only way you think you can get it is by undercutting everyone else.

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