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Hacked My Upwork Account

Ace Contributor

An Annonymous  person has added Payoneer payment method. And Withdrawn my all amount. 

There are 72 hours completed and till I have no update from Upwork on my Ticket on it.

I have asked for the bank account details / Phone number / Address information of the hacker who stolen amount via Payoneer Payment method.

Upwork customer care is just replying me with they are working on it. but there is no single action on it.


My Ticket number is 12105619 , where you can find hacker email ID and his Name on Payoneer.

"**Edited for Community Guidelines**"  is the person from Security department handling my ticket.


Can somebody help me on this ?



Right ! Can i ask how much money you lost? You lost all the agency earning or your individual ? Wow its really a tough time

Ace Contributor

Hello Guys, 


As I have already mentioned  in this forum that Hacker has hacked my account and added Payoneer account, withdrawn amount from my account.  and I have no access to remove this added Payoneer method I informed to Upwork for this thing.  and admin from upwork has removed this. 

Now after 1 month or above , I am trying to add my own Payoneer email id to my upwork account.  It's not even asked me for the authentication / credentials to login to Payoneer. and it's just given me the successful message on adding Payoneer method.

Now I just contact to the upwork customer support  and informed that it's not asked me for adding my own credentials and given me the successful message. they told me Payoneer has added that old hacker Payoneer ID to the system.  and customer guy asked me to contact Payoneer support to resolve this issues. 

I am very much upset today with this type of answer by upwork supporter.  What is my fault here where Hacker has added  this. ?  Why should I contact Payoneer. ? Why when upwork removing the Payoneer method don't remove the association at the same time ?

Here I am attaching my whole conversation with customer person. 
Please justice me here..!!!

In the hour you wasted arguing with the rep you could have got in touch with Payoneer to disassociate the wrong account and add the correct one at least 10 times.

Hello Petra,

Thank you for the comment. 

But Do you understand that Upwork has the wrong flow in the system with removing payment method?  Can you find out where they have mentioned freelancer have to contact Payoneer when they removed the method. ?

And I haven't wasted my time. I have invested my time to make system correct. that in future don't waste any  other freelancer time to communication with Payoneer to remove this association between upwork and Payoneer  seperately though only admin from upwrok has the ability to remove this method.  

That I think upwork responsibility to contact them to remove this association.  

Also Do you know upwork sending notification email while adding any kind of payment method for confirmation that indicates "if this is not added by you and then contact to support team" . Now if they have no control to do this then what is the meaning of such an email. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Kaushikbhai,


Please follow our agents instructions and contact Payoneer Support to disassociate the previously added Payoneer account from your Upwork account. This is a standard procedure and once the accounts are unlinked, follow up on your ticket so our team would enable you to add your Payoneer account.


While I understand your frustration, I'll reiterate that our agent shared correct information in your conversation.


Hello Vladimir

First of all, Why you have removed the attachment that show conversation between me and upwrok customer supporter. ???

Please attach again.  I am not breaking any kind of policy here. I just want to show the people that what is truth. 

You can't remove that. 

Now second thing: 

You are saying about the standard procedure in your reply. My brother, I don't' think this is correct way / correct standard procedure where Freelancer have to contact separately to payonner even admin from you have removed that Payoneer payment method from upwrok.

And 3rd thing :
I haven't added that method. Hacker breaks the  upwork system. added that method and withdrawn an amount from my account.After that Payoneer and Upwork confirmed me that hacker account has been suspended. so why that account still associated with my upwork account. And also what about Upwork security system !!!,  Here upwork don't even care whether that added Payoneer is ACTIVE account or not ?????

And 4th thing:
If you are not able  to "remove" such a payment method from user account totally then just Don't allow such  a payment method in your system to ADD / Remove.

Hope you have globe mind to understand the clarification. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Kaushikbhai,


Sharing private conversation and chat transcripts is a violation of our Community Guidelines.


Please note that we can remove a Payoneer account from your Upwork account, but until the dissociation is completed on Payoneer's end, adding this payment method on your Upwork account will always trigger Payoneer to link it to the previously added account and email. I hope I've clarified the problem now and would like to ask you to follow our agent's instructions and contact Payoneer Customer Support.


That what I know !! But why I should contact them..

Why as a big freelancer company you can't do it on your way to the manage freelancer account. ??

Because it is your Payoneer account. Just stop wasting your time and get it sorted out.


Payoneer are bound by banking regulations, they need to get instructions about your account from their customer who is the account holder (WHICH IS YOU!)



Upwork team isn't authorised to request for a Payoneer account to be unlinked from a user's Upwork account. We can only remove it from our end, but it's not enough to disassociate the two accounts completely.


EDIT: A few comments have been removed from this thread as they violated the Community Guidelines. Please, be respectful toward other members of the Community when replying to their posts.

~ Valeria
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi all,


I'm closing this thread to further comments and have removed a couple of posts from the conversation.