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Handling INVOICES when working from FRANCE

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Andrei A Member Since: Feb 1, 2017
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Howdy all!


I'm looking into registering as a self-employed professional in France (as this is the cuntry I am now spending most of my time in, and the status is called Micro-Entrepreneur or Auto-Entrepreneur), and I am really confused about how handling invoices should be done correctly for someone registered in France.


Basically I see 3 ways to handle invoicing, but none of them seem fully OK, sice Upwork bills my clients for my services:

  1. emit invoices invoicing Upwork for my services -- I've heard of this practice, but it doesn't sound correct at all to me. Or is it?
  2. emit invoices invoicing customers directly -- but this would mean I have to contact clients and ask them for billing details directly, since Upwork doesn't give me their details...
  3. declare income received from Upwork to my account without having invoices -- could this be allowed under the laws of France?

None of the ways above seeem fully OK, wo what would the correct way be? Or is one of them OK?


Also, should I invoice the end amount that gets to my account after all Upwork fees and transfer fees are deducted? Or the amount that the client pays?


And, for the moment at least, I would really like to do the accounting and legal stuff myself, since except for confusing situations like this, the rest of the stuff seems pretty easy to do and not take much time... so I'm NOT looking for professional legal/tax advice, just a simple clarification on this subject.


And I really want to do the CORRECT thing when interacting with the government of a "nice" country like France Smiley Tongue


Thanks in advance!

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Luce N Member Since: Oct 9, 2016
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Hi Andrei,

I'm not the best person to tell you how you should handle those things, but as a micro entrepreneur living in France, this is what I do:

Every term I declare on the site (a really badly done site, I'm afraid you'll need to be patient) how much I've earned during the month. I declare what I've earned on Upwork plus elsewhere, the site tells me how much tax I've got to pay.

I have a month to pay that sum.