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Hard time to overcome!!!

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Kaushick B Member Since: Apr 19, 2011
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You become late or have delays in delivering a project to a client, which can happen with every person I believe.Clients will give bad feedback and it will be a hard time for you to overcome. May be you will never overcome this.
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Robert C Member Since: Jul 4, 2014
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There's a lot of sissy tattletales on here too. Can't take a little tough criticism.
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Gillian Michele N Member Since: Mar 15, 2012
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Hi Kausik, It can possibly happen to any of us. Some contracts just don't work out for whatever reason. All you can do is aim to do your best. If there are delays, communicate with the client regularly and maintain professionalism. Although you might feel bad for a while because of the feedback, I'm sure it will pass. If you're talking from personal experience, then I think you should focus on the good feedback you have. You have obviously satisfied a lot of clients. Keep applying and look forward to new contracts.