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Hard to find a job...

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Nicole G Member Since: May 1, 2017
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Why is it so hard to find someone willing to give 

someone who is at "easy" level, a chance at a job??

I've only been on upwork for a week, but it's hard to find something

simple.. even for just like $5 or $10 simple job to get started with. 

Is it normal to be this difficult when first starting out on here??

Just wondering ^_^ Thanks in advanced. 

Ps- I make custom bookmarsks! (some of them are pokemon-related, but original poses

as thats what some of the people who requested them asked for.)

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Amanda F Member Since: Aug 8, 2015
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They look nice Smiley Happy It can be difficult, but can be done if your skills work with the clients here. I would suggest to add images of your work to your profile so clients can see the work you do. I see you mention you do digital illustration so add the programs you work with and do the upworks tests for them, and if you have digital work add that to your portfolio as well. 


Also you mention some negative things like "I am still struggling with designing "on the spot" character designs and such for people when asked, how ever, it is still a learning process." I would only write all the positives and nothing negative. Don't go too much into things you would like to do but aren't doing, and focus more on what you are good at doing. Your current description is a bit all over the place so clients will be unsure what you do best. 


Write good proposals, attach your work and tell people what you can do for them based on their job description, and only bid on things you are 100% able to do. Allow them time to get back, and chances are they will if they like your work. Some clients take a while to respond. 


Don't go for the very low bids like $5-$10, go for what your custom stuff is worth. 

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Nicole G Member Since: May 1, 2017
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Thanks =) I guess I've never really done something like this before, and I do have a lot of creative abilities..

My main issue is that I don't like to say I am better than someone else, cause there is always room to 

improve. That's kind of why I am more "negative" than I'd like to be. I am still working on editing my profile,

trying to figure out which of my talents I'd like to highlight the most. But thank you for the feed back =) It's 

very greatly appreciated!

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Amanda F Member Since: Aug 8, 2015
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Yeah no need to say you're better than someone else, and you can still write all positive things without saying that. Smiley Happy It's your profile and potential clients will see it when you bid, so you want to portray confidence, your skills and what you can do for the clients without over detailing. Same with a proposal, a simple introduction, it should be short, sweet, to the point with what you can do for someone, and showoff your skills and work. 


Make a basic proposal template to paste for easy setup, but make it customized each time for the job you are applying to with what you can do for them and why you are a good fit.  

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Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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Your overview should not read like an autobiography. Clients want to know what your skills are, what you can do for them. Mentioning singing and your voice has nothing to do with anything unless you're a voice-over artist.


New freelancers should not expect this business to be immediate or easy, it is neither. Rewrite your overview to present a more professional face, and add porfolio items that show your skill. Freelancers have to sell themselves.

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Nicole G Member Since: May 1, 2017
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Thanks! Been working on editing my profile for about the last hour now.. I think it looks deffinitely 

a lot more positive than before.

Maybe this will help! I will work on a few small writing samples this weekend =)

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Baris A Member Since: Mar 15, 2017
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Hello Nicole,


I wish I could draw half as good as you. If wishes were horses I would ride unicorns Smiley Happy


My two cents is that you should forget about writing. Write for yourself, write in your free time but don't write here. You write 500 decent words in an hour? You'd get paid $5 minus Upwork fee if you're lucky. There are hundreds of thousands of writers and so called writers trying to land jobs here. With what you can draw in one hour you'd make multiples of that amount.


Just delete the part about writing and Photoshop in your overview. If you must keep Photoshop don't leave a space between photo and shop. Increase your hourly rate to something between $30-50. Don't let people think you are cheap. Add more drawings, more categories like portrait, fantasy, sci-fi, birds, cats, pokemon bookmarks... Most clients don't click thumbs to see what's inside. Delete the text about learning curve of Photoshop in your digitals. Just write what you use now.


When you write proposals always attach something. If they want a portrait attach a photo and the sketch of that photo. If they want their pet drawn attach an animal drawing you made from a photo, with the photo. Don't waste your connects to jobs older than a day or two. Always check when a client was last active.


I can help you more about proposals and digitals if you send me a private message.