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Hard to reach client.



Im pretty new to Upwork, I started a redistribution contract for a company. The contact was very punctual and open before the contract started. I was introduced to the team of people I needed to know and then that was it... They said they would give me tracking and I have any questions fee free to reach out. A few days later the first package shows up, I did exactly as instructed and sent them a confirmation number just in case they needed it, I also asked that they let me know when the next shipment is on the way with tracking. I'm trying to make sure their stuff doesn't get damaged by weather or stolen or anything but staying on top of arriving packages. There has been no communication from them. Is this a red flag? Do I just keep doing the work and submit on the due date? 

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Hmmm... you are physically receiving packages and forwarding them? You are in the US?

What have they given you as a reason why they can't use one of the thousands of delivery services providers?

It is very likely that you are the recipient of stolen merchandise that was purchased with a stolen credit card. Now you are the official recipient. The scam can be tracked to you. 

It could be worse. There could be illegal substances or large amounts of money in the package. I would say this is less likely, since they don't know you and can't trust that you will not open the package. 

I don't know what is your best action now, I can't give legal advice. I would probably self-report to police or the proper authority. It might be the FBI since this probably crossed state lines. 

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Sounds like scam to me.

Peter G wrote:

Sounds like scam to me.

Then why give this person an "upvote"?

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