Harmful threaning mails from previous client


I would like to bring to your notice that inspite of having completed the work, delivered and answered questions, the client **Edited for Community Guidelines** thinks i should be available 24/7 to answer his same questions again and again. I had requested him to take up skype sessions where i would elaborate on all the details, but he declined. Whenever he asked me questions pertaining to the code, i have answered the same in a word document. I can provide all documents to prove my efforts put in this project.

The client everytime changed his requests and wants me to even write his thesis, which i clearly declined. How else can i help him, when i have repeatedly answered his questions again and again. Even though i have provided mat files as databases, he cannot open the same and check. All he wants is take a screenshot and send me (This is what he says: **Edited for Community Guidelines**. I am not sitting freely to answer to his smallest questions, he does not want to put efforts in understanding but thinks he can blame and threaten.

I am providing you screenshots of the mail he sent today. I request you to kindly look into the matter ASAP. I can provide more screenshots (mails) and documents to support my claim.

Thanks in advance for all the support.


Noor, some of this is going to get deleted by the moderators, but you must report the client's behaviour to customer services. Threatening behaviour from either clients (or freelancers) is a violation of Upwork policy.



Thanks for your prompt reply. I have submitted a request to the help center.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Noor,


I'm really sorry to hear you had a bad experience with your client. Thanks for submitting the support request, someone from our team will follow up, review the information you provided and take appropriate action.