Has anyone else been hire by a *edited*?

She began talking to me after she accepted my writing application. She wanted me to send two writing samples from her website. I was having issues opening up the website on my Mac and still had slight issues on my PC. When I went to email her I saw that her account was susepend. Just wondering what bullet I ended up avoiding, if it was viruses on the computer or if she wasn't paying her writers.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tami,


The client's account you are referring to has already been closed by Upwork team because it was in violation of Upwork ToS. 

~ Valeria

Tami, - going by what you wrote, I'll venture to say that this client was asking for free samples. That's against the TOS. As for avoiding a bullet, I guess you can say you did, because if you had done that, then your account could have been suspended also, or you could have ended up giving free work (not getting paid)


Samples or Tests should be paid for. If a client wants a sample you can direct them to your portfolio (if you have one) or upload some samples you may have on your computer so they can see your writing "style".


Also, the client could have been suspended for other violations that you are not aware of. Of course, it could have been a virus. and if the client was asking for free samples, of course she wasn't paying the freelancers.

I got an email from Upwork, she was handing out viruses like candy. I am happy Upwork caught it and got rid of her and then notified everyone who may have been effected. THey even sent links to free scanners for you computers. Def dodged a big bullet there.