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Has anyone worked for **? Are they legit?

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Jennifer W Member Since: Jul 6, 2016
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Raquel's comment actually helped me, and I assume will continue to help multiple others in the future!


I mean--at NO point in time, ANY disrespect toward you, Petra R, and I thank you for your replies and the others, as they all add to the knowledge base to help those of us who are new--not only to Upwork, but to freelancing via the Internet as a whole.


I wanted to reply to you because I was appalled at the manner in which you responded to Raquel, as her comments helped me.  I do believe that you meant you comments in a helpful way--but your approach was a bit too caustic and unnecessarily harsh.


Please rememeber that for every expert, there are a million or so more (or less, LOL) of us novices, newbies, and "newbs."


We are not stupid, nor are we worthy of being taken for a fool--but what we are is new.  When you were new to things, did it help more to have someone gently relay helpful instruction or did it help more to be berated, made as one to be jested about with, or to be labeled the fool, and ridiculed?


While you may be an expert marathon runner in the freelance world--people who have Googled this exact topic (i.e.--moi--which I hope is "en Français" for "me") are most likely just learning how to walk and/or tie our shoe laces.


Lastly, you never want to be used by Satan to help him wound a fellow human being's spirit.  You have no idea where any of us camels are as far as weighted back straw is concerned. 


*In case you are not familiar with English sayings (your name is Petra, that's Eastern European sounding, so I don't want to assume):  "The last straw" and "the straw that broke the camel's back" refer to the invisible burdens and loads that each one of us carries on a daily basis. 


Though a straw is seemingly innocuous in weight, it can be deadly when added to an already over-burdened, over-weighted camel with far too many straws upon it's singular back.


Internet culture would be a bit better if we pretended to behave more akin to how we would were we face-to-face in the physical workplace.


Anyway, again, I am thankful for your additional comments to this thread, I just would you'd re-work the manner in which you choose to word them.


Thanks, and much love and beaucoup de respect upon you!


-With love,

 Me! ;P


P.S.  i have no idea if that last French phrase was spelled and/or used even remotely right! LOL!

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Raquel C Member Since: Jun 16, 2016
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Being rude doesn't help much either. I didn't ask for the check to be sent. They told me I was hired and mailed the check. After they mailed it they told me it was for starter software. Which I know better than, which is why I reported it to the bank. I gave my testimony to for warn others and respond to the person who asked about him.
Thank you.
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Jennifer W Member Since: Jul 6, 2016
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Dear Raquel,


Your post was very helpful for me, as were the others (the initial or original poster most especially).  I only received an email message stating that my resume had been reviewed and an interview was desired via Google or Yahoo messenger.  Upwork (as well as the other freelancing sites) aren't nearly as user friendly for those who are new as they may think to least not initially.


I thought it was normal to Skype back and forth client<-->freelancer, so I assumed interviewing via an instant messenger platform was just as well.


Oh well, that was all!


Thanks again!


P.S.  While I never received a check, I don't think Petra R necessarily realized how, when everything is new to a person, that...literally...EVERYTHING IS NEW to a person, LOL!   So, how would I have known that to be sent a check would have been any different from what is normal and what is not.


There are often "see this new user forum" type postings on freelancing websites, however, those forums are long, and have thousands or more of threads.  A simple new-user manual or a FAQ section or something could help many new users.  Most people who are interested in earning money in this manner aren't necessarily interested in spending a week + worth of time reading entire forum threads. _____! Smiley Tongue


-Thanks again!



P.P.S.  Time is "money!"  LOL (in case you didn't see where I was going there^^! ;P

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Rachel G Member Since: Jun 23, 2016
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I just interviewed with this guy as well. I was planning on waiting for the check to clear before doing anything, but if it is a fraudulent check I'll throw it away. But why the extensive interview for a scam? 

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Katrina B Member Since: Jan 9, 2011
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@Rachel G wrote:

I just interviewed with this guy as well. I was planning on waiting for the check to clear before doing anything, but if it is a fraudulent check I'll throw it away. But why the extensive interview for a scam? 

This scam is all over the internet.  Thank goodness you read this, but now you need to read the ToS of the site because by agreeing to have that check sent to you in the first place you broke one of the top rules of the site that can get you permanently banned and that is receiving payment off the platform.  


When you get a couple jobs under your belt these scam invites will slow down or eventually stop. They target newbies because they know newbies don't read the rules of the site and have no idea how things work.   

"Fairness is giving all people the treatment they earn and deserve. It doesn't mean treating everyone alike-Coach John Wooden"
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Cherie P Member Since: Jul 8, 2016
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Thanks for being helpful and kind.  I appreciate your understanding that just because someone is new to the site doesn't mean that we are ignorant by nature.  


This company is still out there looking for victims.  I was just contacted by them.


1. Absolutely research a company.  Always.

2. If the company is a huge corporation and it seems "too good to be true" then it probably is.

3.  If is sounds like you are talking to computer or the message is just a bunch of pasted copy then you have trouble.

4.  If a company wants to talk money and convince you of the job via messenger......hmm do way.


I was a hiring manager.  No respectable company is going to interview you via messenger.  They need to see your face and you need to see them.


I received my Upwork approval with a link to the interview for this scam.  I replied since I naturally thought it was a legit company recommended by Upwork.  I was reading the pasted copy from this "person" and could smell the scam.  So I wrote "I would feel more comfortable with a skype interview.  This is how all companies outside of my area have conducted business and how I did when I was a hiring manager."  and the robot stopped talking to went silent and it never came back.


I am lucky to have actual hiring management experience and a good sense of distrust (I live in New Orleans).  But most aren't and we need to use these forums to help, not to call names to "newbies" or chastise them (us) for asking for help.  


My follow up question is this:  Where can I find this holy grail of TOS for the site?  I have been looking for about 20 mins and can't find the clearly labeled official document.  


Also: How do I report this job?  Sounds like there keep using this site.  

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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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Go to the question mark at the top of the Upwork page.  Click on Help and Support.  Enter the search term "terms of service" and bingo, there you have it.


How come if you are in New Orleans your profile shows 15 hours ahead of me and I'm in Biloxi?  Just curious.

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Cherie P Member Since: Jul 8, 2016
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I am on vacation in Australia.  Don't worry, I wouldn't be on this site if I was an Australian citizen since minimum wage is $17.70 here.  I would start out at $30 with my experience but alas, I am American.  I would think a lady from Mississippi would be able to recognize a NOLA girl by my name.  


Thanks for you help with the TOS, anything else you are curious about?

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Cherie, 

I'm also sharing here the link to the Terms of Service/Policies and a link where you can send messages to support

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "Absolutely research a company. Always."


Newbies should ONLY look at the information available on Upwork when they receive an invitation. Never Google the name of the client or company, because that is part of their scam. Scammers WANT their invitees to google those names. That is a big part of how the scammers trick the newbies.