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Have any problems to change & after change my profile's category and How to remove exiting reviews?


Now I am skilled in new category (Web Application Development with PHP and Framework), want to change as well as work in new category.
Have any problems to change and after change my profile's category?

And How can I remove previous job history?

Let me know.


Hi Md. Kamrul,


I apologize for the delay in responding to your post. If you are referring to editing your skills, yes, you can update your skills by going to your Profile> Skills. From there, just click on the pencil icon. By updating your skillset, you will be able to view/receive jobs on the new categories you added. 


Regarding your other concern with previous job history, I just want to confirm, are you referring to feedback removal? If you do, this perk is available to Top-Rated freelancers. You can learn more about this here. Thank you!

~ Joanne
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