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Have you ever ask why your client choose you over the competition?

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Many Freelancers are curious about their competition, and specifically what would lead their clients to either switch to another Freelancers or continue to stay with them.


In most cases your clients have myriad options to choose from, so if they’re choosing you it’s worth your time to find out why—and what factors could cause them to make them jump to another competition.


Mark Hafeez,  A Senior Graphic Desingner (On Upwork) would pose this question:


Why did you initially choose us and why do you continue to stay with us?”


  • You asked:


:white_heavy_check_mark:How often do you consider switching to my competition and why?


:white_heavy_check_mark:If you have to choose a competitor who would it be and why?


:white_heavy_check_mark:What would you ask your Clients?


If you didn’t get a chance to answer my question already, drop me a message as a comments on this post with the top question you’d like to ask your Clients I would more than glad to hear it..



Looking forward.

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