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Have you faced the same situation with any client?

Hi fellows,

Not sure,if you have faced the same situation as i am facing here.I have been working with a client for the past 3 months..Our intial milestone was succefully completed and agreed on and the client paid for that..However, client kept on sending so many changes and expected me to finish the project within time which cant be done obviosuly..Anyhow, since the first milestone was approved and  i was working for weeks after that,..... client once asked for a refund due to extra time(i needed to do his changes)but off and on he wants me to work..So,i coninued working on the project.


Now situation is, he once again asking me to refund the first milestone amount which i dont want to refund as i did the job at that point of time and coninuosly worked for 2 months after that with him providing changes every time and also had to handle his hosting issues too..Whats the best thing i can do now?

Since the milestone wa completed and client happily paid me..Is my payment secured?I want more payment for rest of the work also but needed to know even if my first payment is secured at this point of time.



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If the customer asks you for a refund, it is because the milestone has been approved and the payment made. The money currently in your possession is therefore secure.

With regard to the work done since then, if no milestone has been indicated, it is your responsibility to contact the customer to obtain payment.

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Retired Team Member

Hi Muhammad,

I would strongly suggest to check out our guide on Fixed-Price Protection for Freelancers and learn more on how you`re protected in this cases. 
Regarding your second concern, unfunded milestones or promised funds are not protected under our Upwork Payment Protection.
Always make sure that your milestone is funded for the agreed amount before starting to work on a project. If your contract has multiple milestones we are always advising to work only for the funded milestone.
If you have any additional questions feel free to post them here, thank you.

~ Goran
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