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Have you read this on the new TOS?

Community Guru
When I was browsing earlier this evening, I happened to notice a message I never had seen before. I have to see that it really raised red flags. You know how many, if not all of us have felt uncomfortable about fixed price projects for a long time? Much due to the uncertainty of being paid, so many of us request upfronts? I, myself, won't work on a fixed price without at least 60% upfront. At any rate, Odesk has apparently now implemented a feature which allows our clients to review any milestones or upfront payments and change their minds about them? Now, what is even half fair about this? This puts everything for us at risk. Can you imagine having invested possibly 10 hours into a fixed price project, requesting a milestone, and then a client deciding they want to withdraw it? What the hell happened to contractors getting paid for the work they provide? What happened to us getting to decide if we want to refund for work that a client might not be totally happy with? When did it become Odesk to make such decisions? Now, we are all familiar with the hourly guarantee. That is disgusting itself, but now there is this fixed price feature? How can a client even review an upfront payment? I mean, that is work in progress. And just because they might not like everything, that first work is just a draft that can be changed. I'm pretty angry about finding this out, which causes me to be even more leary of taking a fixed price job. I also won't do any hourly guarantee either. If I'm working, then I'm going to get paid. My time is my time. PERIOD. So much I am not liking here nowadays. What are other opinions? Oh, and excuse any typos here, I've been staring at a computer screen half of the day 🙂