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Having Struggle to get a new job in Upwork, i lost around 280 Connects...

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Musa Tugrul A Member Since: May 28, 2020
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Hello everyone, after my latest work, i'm having a struggle to find a contract right now...


I literally spend around 280 connects since my latest work, i'm having interviews as 10 right now, i have around 110 submited proposal, but unfortunately i can't get a contract till around 1 month...


Can someone please help me? What i'm doing wrong. My Job success score just opened after my last work and its %87, what is going on? Can someone please help me...



Ace Contributor
Ioannis T Member Since: Jan 12, 2018
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You had 10 interviews, which means that clients wanted to contact you after checking your profile, therefore the main problem is not with your profile, but with the communication during interviews.

If I were you, I would review these interviews carefully, to see what may went wrong and maybe I would go one step further, kindly asking these clients if they could provide a feedback or/and reason for not hiring me. Preferably for jobs with few interviews.

You could also try to lower your rate a bit, to become more competitive in this, tight for you, period.

Finally try to refine your profile description, starting by replacing all i (i am, i can do, i have, etc) by Uppercase I (I am, I can do, I have, etc)


Best of luck!