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Hello i completed one task of a customer but still payment in pending

I dont know what is wrong payment show in my profie and shows 2 jobs done 32 dollar shows but i didnot recive payment in myaccount and did not get any connection when job completed upword give yousome connections freely  what should i do please guide ?


Hi Muhammad,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I would like to clarify that the $32 you see on your profile is your Total Earnings on Upwork. This is comprised of all the earnings that you've had on your contracts. 


I can see that you have already withdrawn your past earnings and currently, you have $10.80 on your Upwork balance that is pending. The payment was released by the client last October 11th, and it should be available for withdrawal after the standard five-day security period.


Yuo may check this help article to learn more about payments for fixed-price contracts

~ AJ
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Upwork has a 5-day security period for payments, which means you'll be able to withdraw your earnings after this waiting period. As for Upwork's "connects" system, it's important to note that they are not awarded for job completion. Instead, connects are refunded for proposals on which you receive a reply 

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