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Help! Account is suspended for no apprant reason

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Ruchiraa S Member Since: Nov 7, 2014
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Hi All


I have been working for o Desk from last one year and uptill now i have logged more than 100 hours on online projects +more than 100 hours on fixed priced projects.

I have earned a scoring of 4.79 and have good feed back , still my acoount has been closed by the o Desk autority without giving me any genuine reason for closing my account .I don't have any dispute with either of my clients and of whom so ever  i worked and fullfilled the commited work. i have earned a thieir appreciation as well ,but o Desk without mentioning me the right reason have take the extreme step to close my account. 


I find my hours of work has been vanished in just a one go and made it NULL and void. I am feeling cheated on my part. Please suggest me what should i do.



They are talking about disputes with my clients but apprantly i don't have any dispute with my clients. I can show every client is satisfied and left a positive response


you can  refer to this link for the feedback given by the clients




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Mahesh W Member Since: Nov 4, 2014
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nothing we can do. You'll have to use Live Chat and create a ticket.


Did you attempt to coerce clients to pay you outside of oDesk?

Veni, Vidi, Vici.
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Edward V Member Since: Nov 7, 2014
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Well you are not experiencing things like that even to the worst my brother got a perfect ratings and good feedback then same with you his account has been totally closed.


But for your case you still have a chance just message the oDesk support and they will help you but some is not doing well their job at support department.


As long as you are fighting for the facts and have proof that your account deserve to be lifted fight for it.


I am not against oDesk but their favor are more on clients than contractors which could be balance have a balance treatment between contractors and clients.


I think they need to brain storm from time to time and review all of the complaints and from there get the best solutions for both contractors and clients.


I am calling out the founder of oDesk to have attention to client having this kind of mistreatment.


Note: I myself have experiencing that since until now I have now Live Chat Support to resolve the issues might arise quickly. Very unfair treatment. I am very disappointed to the system.



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Alina W Member Since: Dec 29, 2014
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The same has happened to my husband. He has a perfect score and absolutely no complaints ever. There is obviously an error in the system.