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Help! Added 5-star reviews, ongoing billing, still stuck at 89% Job Success Score

So I had a near-perfect JSS (one 4.5-star review).


Found it at 89%.  I'm still working, still billing, still logging in every day, still responding to every invitation to work, so maybe it's because I haven't asked clients to add reviews in a while.


So I added two 5-star reviews. (And I left feedback for the clients, to "release" the reviews for my JSS.)




I'm still pursuing jobs/clients, still submitting proposals, getting responses to many, landing some of them.


I just invoiced two clients last week, one semi-longtime on a previous contract (with a semi-recent 5-star review), one a new client.




My guess is I could get more responses, and invoice more clients, with a higher score.


What must I do to get this back up? How long do I have to wait before I decide whatever thing I did, it didn't work, and I need to try something else?



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The score updates every two weeks.  Are you aware of this?

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