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Help! Can you provide helpful feedback on my profile? I am a Top Rated Upworker with nearly 5 years

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Brian F Member Since: Feb 14, 2017
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Hi everyone,

As a Top Rated freelancer on Upwork, you would think I am doing well. The truth is, I barely keep the bills paid, in spite of happy clients both here on Upwork and outside of it. 


I think that, at its core, this is a marketing problem I can't seem to solve on my own. I would appreciate input and feedback on my profile from successful, Top Rated Upworkers and Community Gurus. 


Feedback will be most helpful if it:

-- Identifies one or more specific parts of my profile and/or portfolio that need improvement

-- A critique of each specific part, pointing out what I am getting right and what needs to be improved

-- A helpful explanation of what's working and why

-- A helpful explanation of what needs to be improved and why

-- Actionable suggestions for improvement that I can implement right away

-- Links to relevant content, other profiles, or examples that demonstrate well-written parts of profiles and portfolios


My 2-year anniversary as a full-time freelancer is approaching. After trying everything I can think of, I realize this is a problem I cannot solve on my own. If you have proven success on Upwork, I would love to get feedback from you and to hear what you did with your profile to build a successful freelance career. 


Many thanks in advance to everyone who provides feedback! 


All Best, 





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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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I'll pick a couple of somewhat related things (I don't think anyone has the time to do a full analysis...)


Many clients are weary of freelancers who hide their earnings, because it makes them wonder what is hidden. Most can't be bothered to find out what is hidden. They move on to the next freelancer. When they do dig, they find that you seem quite happy to work at a third to half of your profile rate which makes your rate and with it your profile look disingenuous.


By setting such a high profile rate when you are happy to work at far less you are filtering yourself out of search results. The clients who want to pay $100 per hour will be be weary of a freelancer who is working at a third of that and the clients who want to pay less won't find your profile or won't look at your profile because it says $ 100 per hour.


Both will be wondering what the discrepancy means. I would strongly suggest you set your earnings public and set your hourly rate near what you have a track record working at.


In preview mode, all a client sees is the first line or two of your overview. You are wasting this with stuff like you being friendly and easy to talk to. If clients want to see a friendly face they meet their friends and if they need someone to talk to, they see a shrink. Put your unique selling points up there. Clients don't want friendly and easy to talk to, they want get their beep done.


Second paragraph, similar problem. Never mind what you enjoy and what you love. Client pay you, not the other way round. They could not care less what you enjoy or love. It's not about you.

Don't tell them what you love, tell them why they will love what you do for them.


The whole second half is too long winded. People just don't have time (or the inclination) to find out what you are most proud of... Again, this is not about you. It's about what you can bring to the table.


Cut the whole thing down to a third at most, unique selling points in the first line or two and make them snappy so the client wants to find out more.


Then move on to what you bring to the table. Scrap anything that is about what you like, want, love or are proud of. Clients don't care. Put stuff like that in your cover letter (if you must) and make it relevant to what the job you are applying for demands. Like "I recently completed a project just like yours and was able to bla bla ... bla bla.. leading to x y z for the client"

A significant part of your work history is full of stuff that seems to have nothing to do with the skills you advertise.  Doing jobs such as "Writers needed for easy ~2300 word restaurant and food-themed articles for $25/piece." does you no favours.


Final minor thought: Nothing wrong with your profile picture as such but maybe something that stands out a bit more without a tree growing out of your head would attract more attention in a sea of profiles. This is super minor but every little helps.


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Brian F Member Since: Feb 14, 2017
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Hi Petra,


Thank you for the detailed input and feedback -- this is what I need! 


My wife has raised concerns about my rate, too. My reason for raising it was to screen out prospective clients that are struggling to make it themselves. I currently have a roster of more than a dozen clients, many of whom claimed they had a lot of work. After completion of initial work (which they were very happy with), subsequent work dropped to a trickle. I also have had problems with clients hiring me on a fixed-price job and demanding I do 2-3x the amount of work originally agreed upon for the same pay. On two occasions, this led to arbitration. 


You made several valid points about my job proposal. Ironically, this proposal is a recent version based on a blog post I found on Upwork! Your suggestions make a lot more sense. I'll be trying them out on some proposals today. Maybe I'll get some great results!


All Best,