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Help, I ended the contract, now "no feedback given"

Hi Everyone,


I've been on Upwork a few months, and completed a few fixed-price contracts for a customer. They were very pleased, and left five-star ratings and great reviews for all of them (until the most recent). For the last contract I completed with them, they paid me, and everything was fine. But it was sitting there inactive, and I (ignorantly, since I"m fairly new to this) closed the contract myself. Now, for my most recent fixed-price project with them, it shows "no feedback given" on my profile.


Is there anything I can do about this? Obviously, I know now that I should have asked them to end the contract. I have a great history with them, and they've always been really nice and responsive. I don't yet have a JSS score, but I'm worried that this will impact my JSS score when it shows up. 


Does anyone know if there's anything I can do about this? Anything?


Thanks so much in advance,


Amelia Franz


You could write them...


Hi ...


I have closed the contract on my end and left feedback. Would you be so kind as to do the same? I look forward to further collaboration.





Thanks, Irene. That makes sense. I did leave them great feedback, but it wasn't showing up on their feedback profile. I guess it's because they haven't left feedback for me yet, and Upwork keeps it "blind," so freelancer does not see feedback before leaving it for client, or vice versa.


I will try doing that.


Thanks for taking the time to reply.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Amelia,


I see you followed Irene's advice and asked send a message to your client. It looks like you're now aware of the proper procedure with closing a completed contract, so I'll just note that having one contract without feedback will not affect your Job Success Score or reputation, in case you don't hear back from your client.

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