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Hello Sir, My profile Completed 5 month ago but I have no any job.My exam score are good I have many portfolio. But I have no win my first job i am very upsaid and worrid.please give me suggest.



Every word in your overview is plagerized. You stole from another freelancer and I'd close your account if I was management. Very very wrong!!!


hmmmm. Now my initial thought was Jean was being a bit harsh with her words of distain and I was siding with you Kelum. Here comes the inevitable....HOWEVER.... I looked at your profile and its pretty tight and exsctly the sort of informtion one would write for that field of work. So then I read your post again and you state.....

Hello Sir, My profile Completed 5 month ago when it clearly states on your profile you have been a member for not even 30 minutes!...


Things are not looking good for you Kolum. I rthink the nail in your coffin here is this...........


Hello Sir(WHO ARE YOU ADDRESSING? THIS IS AN OPEN GROUP), I COMPLETED My profile Completed 5 monthS ago but SINCE THEN I HAVE HAD NO JOBS I have no any job.My exam scoreS are( YOU HAVE DONE MORE THAN ONE)! good I have A DETAILED/COMPREHENSIVE many portfolio. But I have NOT WON ANY BIDS no win my first job i am very upsaid UPSET and worrid.please give me suggest.IONS


So, I think it is fair to assume that Jean and her original message are warrented as it is clear that what is written on your profile is indeed pasted from elsewhere yet you forget to think about having to write on here therein exposing you.

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He joined the forum 1/2 hour ago. Not the site.


If you paste his entire profile into google you'll see the other freelancer he stole it from.


That is outright plagerism.

and this is a lie:



English: Fluent "




I doubt that "Kalum" will return to the forum to ask any further questions or respond to the comments here. He is probably already working on his next fake Upwork account and fake profile page. Unfortunately this sort of thing became so commonplace that Upwork had to start asking for more extensive identity verification for all new contractors from certain parts of the world.


As much as this kind of thing may annoy the typical honest contractor on Upwork, I'm sure that this annoys the people from Kalum's country even more, because just a few bad apples can make a whole group of people look bad, even though most of them are honest.

@Preston H wrote:


As much as this kind of thing may annoy the typical honest contractor on Upwork, I'm sure that this annoys the people from Kalum's country even more, because just a few bad apples can make a whole group of people look bad, even though most of them are honest.

 That's assuming he actually resides in the location listed in his profile. If a freelancer fakes one thing, he can fake another. In fact, the photo might be fake and the gender might be fake as well.

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Although the OP has violated Upwork's ToS, I think the responses have been quite unnecessarily vitriolic.

A popular overview! 

I saw someone else using it on yet another freelancer site as well. 

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Community Manager

Hi All,


Please, note that a few posts on this thread were edited or removed. We appreciate the help many of you provide to new members of the Community, but we ask you to do it in a professional manner.'


Thank you.

~ Valeria

But why is this profile still up when it's not known who this person is or what they do? Especially considering the outright theft of information used to pad his/her bio! 

It takes time. It took weeks when I complained that someone had stolen my profile. (The person was only suspended not banned) - In this case, I have found the author of the original profile, but unfortunately, Upwork provides no means to contact her. (So If I were a client - kiss goodbye to potential job.)


That said, people please try for a little understanding. What the OP did is unacceptable, I agree. But I can sort of see how it came about. You are on the internet and you are desperate for work; you are tempted by the very tempting 'join us' words that all sites of this nature lure their clients and freelancers with.


You then have to fill in all the fields - and - unless English is your mother tongue I can see that panic/misunderstainding could set in, and that unwise choices could be made - particularly if the ToS are not read. Not read, solely because they are not understood. (Surely, if a site purports to be global, its ToS should be in many - if not all - languages?)


You are trying to justify him using someone else's portfolio, which can impact the other freelancer as they are in the same field.


For 5 long months she has not idea she may be rejected because of this. 


Did you ever stop to think how this is impacting her? Client see's his Overview and hers when they both apply to the same job. 


Do you honestly think the client is going to hire her when her entire overview is a duplicate of his?


I don't care how sorry you feel for him, but I honestly feel for the other freelancer who is try to get real work, did her profile honestly, and has good feedback and now she's impacted by this thief.

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Stolen somebody's profile, what comes next? Cyber-crime is one of the most dangerous threats for individuals and companies as well. 

Jean, you misunderstand me. No one was more furious than me when I discovered that my (and another freelancer's) profile had been stolen. I have also tracked down the person to whom this  present stolen overview belongs, but there is no way of contacting her and warniing her.


I am not justifying the OP - I hope, like you,  that his account will be suspended, However, I am asking for a little understanding. We all take the moral highground in the certain knowledge of understanding every nuance of our own language. But think of all those people to whom it is not crystal clear - of those people who have been 'lured' to join Upwork without fully understanding the requirements.


Yes, I use that word advisedly. Upwork is a business and it will use all the marketing practices to attract clients and freelancers alike. If you look at the geographical numbers (given by Upwork) you will see that the concentration of freelancers comes from US and from the East (all other countries form a very minor percentage of Upwork's income)

So it would make sense for Upwork to consider expanding its very limited linguisitic expertise to at least encourage the people who are keeping it financially buoyant.

I understand your point Nichola, but do they not teach honesty and right from wrong in other countries? 

Fraud is fraud, and excusing it because someone from a foreign country is "desperate for work" just doesn't fly.
The fact that I found a second person using the same overview on another website - we need to call them out and report them. (not that you were excusing it)

If this is going to be a "professional" freelancer website, then it needs to cut these people off pronto and provide a better monitoring crew to deal with it before people like the OP get a chance to post on the forum crying "help me".




I agree call them out, and report them. I did the same thing when my own profile was stolen, but in a way, I understood. But to call someone out as vitriolically as in this thread only shows up the posters not the fraudster.


However, I think we should all stop taking the moral high ground on fraud.  False reviews, academic essays, doctoral theses, scraping, rewriting, plagiarism are effected daily by who knows how many providers on Upwork, and they  are certainly not limited to one geographic zone - they are also "allowed" (whatever the ToS says) 


If this is to be a 'professional' global site, - then the CEO and directors should have a serious clean out of all fraud and should make their intentions and their mission clear in all languages - as do all the big fish in the pond in which Upwork aims to swim. 



There is a difference between general fraudulent or unethical behavior, and fraud committed specifically against Upwork. Whether you like it or not, a distinction needs to be made.


Different policies and even departments are going to be involved.


It is not possible for Upwork to block all bad behavior done by all contractors and all clients. But it makes sense for Upwork to vigorously protect its marketplace and platform by doing what it can to block bad behavior that has a direct negative impact on the Upwork marketplace.


So, yes, I see a distinction between Upwork taking down a fraudlent profile, because that reflects badly on itself, versus Upwork deciding not to take down a job posting for a writing job which might result in a dishonest contractor committing plagiarism because the pay is relatively low and the job posting might attract a dishonest contractor.


If a job posting does not constitute a clear violation of Upwork's stated policies, then I don't think we should report the job posting. If job postings are on Upwork that violate our own personal code of ethics or regional legal strictures, then we should ignore those job postings or politely and patiently commission Upwork to update its policies.


But I think we need to resolutely allow Upwork to include content and job postings which violate our own preferences. Because that same tolerance is what allows us to work at jobs and post jobs that violate the personal preferences of other people.

Preston, my point is, that if a company sets out to be a global corporation, but which  makes not the smallest move to make its mission and priniciples understood in the languages of those who support it, has not only signally failed as an international business, but can also expect a lot of fraudulent activity. (Which is possibly costed into the overall budget  - much as Walmart or Tesco does with theft).


You make a very good point here.


I think Upwork constantly struggles with what to do with non-English-speaking contractors.


I don't have a good solution.


If Upwork made it easier for non-English-speakers to use the platform, that would solve some problems, but it could also lead to other problems.


What if making the platform more accessible to speakers of Language X caused more non-English-speaking speakers of Language X to set up contracts on the platform, and copy more English-language profiles, because they don't feel confident enough in their English langauge abilities to write their own profiles?


One thing that Upwork COULD do would be to allow contractors to write their profiles in any language they want, and allow clients to filter contractors based on language. That way German-speaking contractors could simply write profiles in German, and German-speaking clients could include those contractors in their search results or candidate lists.


This would be a major change, and I don't expect Upwork will do this. But it would be one way to address the problem of contractors copying-and-pasting profile overview text due to lack of English language ability.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi All,


Upwork team reviews reports of copied profile overviews and skill misrepresentation and takes actions accordingly. It has been done in this case as well.

~ Valeria

@Valeria K wrote:

Hi All,


Upwork team reviews reports of copied profile overviews and skill misrepresentation and takes actions accordingly. It has been done in this case as well.

 Not yet, his profile is still up and shining.

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Hi Rene,


I will not be able to share details about our processes, but when there is a violation in place, certain functions of an account, such as visibility in search, ability to apply for jobs and accept jobs, are limited.

~ Valeria

I'm not a native English speaker and I really need to work here as a freelancer but that is not a fair reason to think it is "ok" to copy/paste the information of another freelancer. My English is not the best but I try my best and if I don't know how to say something I use Google. 
This happens with the profile information, articles, photographs and even more. Please don't be nor support those robbers. 

P.S. “Do you even know how smart I am in Spanish?"