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Help! What does client need to do to hire me?

Help --- Client hired me for job A - that's been done and completed. Now we've agreed to work togther on a new job B - (on-going month-to-month for a fixed fee per month). What should I tell the cleint to do so they can enter a job and hire only me? 

Do they enter the job and invite me to apply? Or can they enter a job and only I can see it? How do they keep other freelancers from applying or do they just ignore them? 


We are both new to upwork, and it's confusion how to move forward. 

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Go to  Messages. Go into the room related to your previous contract with this person. If your previous contract is closed, you should see a button labeled Propose a new contract. If your previous contract is still open, the button won't show.


Unfortunately, it will be of the same type as the previous one. If it was a hourly, you can only propose a new hourly and same goes for fixed rates.


Alternatively, you can send this link to the client:


If they follow this link, they will see all the freelancers they worked with, and there is a nice juicy Rehire button for each on them.



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They can do an "invite only". They can go you your profile and click "hire me". You can go to your contract page and propose a new contract by clicking on the three little dots.


If the job isn't closed, they can simply add milestones as needed. Just curious, what did they do to hire you the first time, that they can't repeat?


ETA: Or what Rene said ... he beat me to it.

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Thanks for the help - they hired me for some strategic coaching at an hourly rate. We're done with that, but I think it still needs to be "competed" or closed out. This new job is a social media job that I've quoted them a fixed fee per month for a seperate business of theirs. Can I just go and create a new contract at a fixed rate? Secondly - this is month-to-month. So they could keep me hired for 2 months or 10 months. Do we need to make a new contract each month or can we just set up a fixed rate job with monthly checkpoints? 

David, if I were you I would spend some time reading all of this:

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"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless
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